1. If you take this oil ut regrows in 9 ect.months black hairs. Muhammed sas took these seeds with honey and died with 6 white hairs. My friend for 2 years didnt catch virus. Prevents cancer

  2. I have recently bought black seed oil and been taking it just two weeks and feeling much better already . Thank you Dr Berg I watch your videos often and they are very helpful ..I have shared with friends and family..
    God bless you ….you are an inspiration and help more than you know🙏

  3. I've been taking black seed oil for one week. One teaspoon twice a day. My inflammation is gone. Circulation is the best it's been in years. I can sit in my computer chair for any length of time now without my legs or feet going numb. I've been sleeping better, no longer have to get up to go to the bathroom before dawn, and no longer wake up in pain with my bones creaking like old wood. Also day three of taking the oil, I am pretty sure I passed a gall stone, which was causing pain and heaviness in my upper right abdominal region for months. My digestion is no longer sluggish and I no longer experience constipation. As you can see, I have a lot of problems with my health, and just about all of them seem to be cured by sipping this bitter oil. I feel like my body is HEALING finally and not just 'hanging in there'. I'm going to take this every day for the rest of my life.

  4. Dr.Eric Berg comes naturally in my searches for good things. This is precious. I could feel the changes after having Black Seed in a day. My Morning sickness is out of the way and I feel fresh and energetic within the first two spoons of black seed. Thank you

  5. Me and my husband had taken black seed suplements since early pandemic, through out the pandemic we've been taking care family members sick with covid all three variants, thankfully we never get infected always tested negative.

  6. All these miracles cures now being discovered by the Western world has been simply ignored because it originated from the Asian & middle east countries. Ayurveda and African pharmacopoeia have miraculous remedies for practically all diseases…. but unfortunately long ignored for the benefits of BIG Pharmaceutical industries

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