The ElleVet Project announces 2022 relief mission

For its third year, the ElleVet Project expands its outreach to more cities across the United States

ElleVet Sciences – a science-focused pet CBD+CBDA company – is kicking off their third year of The ElleVet Project. According to a company release, the nonprofit project from the company aims to improve the health and well-being of homeless dogs across America and will begin June 2, 2022.1

The ElleVet Project will provide free veterinary care, food, and supplies to the pets without homes and street pets in vulnerable communities throughout the United States.1 This year, the project is expanding the relief tour to include California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington, Montana, and Florida. The complete schedule of dates and locations is available on the nonprofit’s website.

ElleVet Sciences first developed this program in 2020, when its co-founders, Amanda Howland and Christian Kjaer, recognized the hardships COVID-19 brought to homeless animals—knowing they had even fewer resources than usual and pets were in a very vulnerable position.

“By expanding this year’s relief efforts to five new cities, including Seattle, Portland, Boston, Chicago, and New York City, we will be able to reach more people and their much-loved pets,” said Howland. “Our efforts these past few years have taught us first-hand how helping a pet can change their owner’s life for the better both emotionally and physically.”1

Collaborating with city officials and municipalities, the project hosts a rotating team of veterinarians that provide free veterinary care to vulnerable animals. By partnering with sponsors that donate medical supplies, food, and local professional assistance, The ElleVet Project offers services that range from vaccines, flea and tick preventatives, deworming, general checkups, and even emergency surgeries.1 Traveling directly to these communities in need allows the mobile tour to treat pets that may have little to no access to transportation to receive veterinary care.

“It takes an enormous amount of planning, financial support, veterinary professionals, and businesses to pull off such relief efforts and we are excited to see the impact we will make this year in helping thousands of pets,” said Kjaer.1

Donations towards vaccines, medical supplies, food, and emergency surgeries can also be accepted on the website. Every donation goes towards funding the charity’s mission of reaching as many vulnerable and voiceless animals as possible.


The ElleVet Project announces 2022 relief mission to provide free veterinary care, food, supplies to pets of the homeless and street pets throughout California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington, Montana, and Florida beginning June 2, 2022. News release. ElleVet Sciences. May 24, 2022.

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