This DOG has PAINFUL SORES and SHEDDING like crazy

This DOG has PAINFUL SORES and SHEDDING like crazy BUT THIS HELPED! This video is helpful for any short-haired …


  1. It was on NPR (I think) several weeks ago that pertaining to this specific breed, the English Bulldog, they want to stop having them bred because of all the breathing and health issues that they have, they consider it animal abuse. It will be interesting to see if they stop breeding this specific dog breed.

  2. He sure looks much better!! That sore looks like a ruptured anal gland…my dog had that and the vet expressed it and she went on antibiotics and it cleared up completely..

  3. Gus looked terrific after such a great service! Definitely getting that Aranco rake! (Made total sense about Furminator inducing more growth/activity – our lab is shedding like crazy and it's probably my fault!) You are an awesome groomer!!!

  4. Owning a bulldog is an experience for sure. My favorite breed hands down.Janie has never had sores, but sheds a lot.Will definitely try that shampoo.
    Thanks Amy

  5. Oh my goodness. I need your expertise for my baby bulldog. We have been washing him ourselves. I haven't found a groomer that we can trust with our guy

  6. Thank you I screenshot all your suggestions.
    My ex dropped an English bulldog off a week before Christmas a few years back and said he would be back for her. Well I still have her and have had problems keeping her sore free. I do think she is sweet but I love my standard schnauzer. Bulldogs are lots of work.

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