It is time to take a look at the final video in this grow under the ViparSpectra XS-1000 LED grow light. Lets get everything trimmed …


  1. Love the knowledge. Stay blessed ive always used a tooth pick and took my time get everything off. Plants seem to do well. Happy growing. I always spray mist my plantto prevent any issues. Always work for me. 😁 u spray silica as a foilar?

  2. I’m a big fan of the tall 5 gal pots 💪 thank you for the content. I really enjoy long form seed to harvest videos. And personally I love seeing what I can do in my 2×2.

  3. I just started a grow channel. Currently not great videos yet but got a hero 5 and love time lapse videos going to learn how to do my style of video.

  4. I run 19-5 on autos. From start to finish. I believe that everything needs a nap. Plus they do a lot of work on the roots when the lights are out.

  5. As always I enjoy watching the time lapse. Neat exasperation with little tents with hardly any airflow 👍. When I grow autos I just LST, and very little defoliation. No forgiveness sometimes Lol. Nobody can tell ya how to grow. I just glad people grow period.

  6. Hi very cool content. Have you ever tryed growing strains very high in CBD?
    I have chronic pain from failure spinal fusion surgery and I'm growing
    lemon amnesia CBD alone with bubblegum, zkittlez and Gelato autos. You don't need to spend heaps of cash to get good results.

  7. I know you don’t like domes. But it keeps the shell moist and easier to push off. Plan B a couple drops of water as soon as you see push through the soil. Shallow soil doesn’t allow the plant build strength. I really enjoy your videos.

  8. Great grow video. I also use the roots uprising dry line. The uprising foundation is made to work with the grow and veg amendments and worth buying since you have the others.
    Keep them coming were all watching

  9. Nothing is more fun than to see another grower grow! C02 is worth a try, since you are doing well already. It will only enhance , increase your stuff. But don’t go over 1500 ppm . You start it off at 1k in the beginning and slowly increase to 1500 throughout the weeks !

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