1. Personally, I'd dearly love to see disposables banned once and for all, as they're pretty much a sin to my mind, especially when it comes to the sheer amount of unsustainable waste that they generate. However, I'm also mindful of the fact that they could well help newcomers get off the smokes, and if that's the case, they should be stocked in legitimate vape shops or pharmacies only, and require proof-of-age in order to be purchased.

  2. Back to the moaning about parents not parenting. Kids will do things they aren't allowed to no matter what and the industry including yourself has ignored this. The bottles are attractive and flavoured capes make it more appealling to kids also.

    Parents can't watch kids 24/7, you have to educate them and hope for the best. Maybe if you stopped labelling people with concerns as Karen's and started looking at where the industry lead itself you would have seen this downfall coming.

    Profit will always kill something and big pharma and big tobacco getting their way in with the NHS will be the final killer, wait till their reps get in with pharmacies and drs Vic.

  3. I work in a vape shop in Scotland, and the amount of disposables wrappers i see on my way home from work is shoking, so much of them around schools too! At least in my city, the vape shops are all compliant, its the corner shops that tend to sell to underagers!

    I'm all for regulating disposables or restricting them only to vape shops & chemists

  4. No surprise there. 90 percent of people are lazy, greedy bastards who don't give a shite about the environment, which imho is the greatest sin here. As long as they can save a penny or make life easier for themselves, they're laughing. And, yes, reviewers also bear a great responsibility for the rampant proliferation of disposables.

  5. Reviewers have to wear a lot of the blame also. If reviewers didn't accept, promote, review, give away, auction off samples, we might not be so deep into this as we are right now. Yourself included, give yourself a pat on the back for helping bring this problem to your front door, all in the name of content. Making a 50 minute rant video dogging the industry does not ease yourself of the sins you helped to create. Too little too late!!!!

  6. See the kids things confuses me. I vape ect but as far as the law is concerned a kid buying a vape is illegal hence the over 18 to purchase it. However the smoking law states that a person can actually smoke at 16 onwards, just that they are not allowed to physically buy it themselfs. So how is 16 year old destroying the market?

    I completely get that people under the age of 16 is a major no no, but over 16 year old are legally allowed to vape

  7. Sounds like the industry has shot itself in the arse, but they do have there place, saying that, there has been a flood of them and makers like wotofo, smok etc have just jumped on the bandwagon seeing dollar signs, you would of thought with the collapse of the market in the USA that they would be a bit more apprehensive and try harder not to do the same in another part of the world

  8. I personally don't like disposal vapes due to nic salts not agreeing with with me and they are not cost effective in anyway but, I do understand why they are popular due to ease of use. You can these disposals any where these days and it is down to the retailers to guard against the underage from buying them. Before these disposals made an appearance. It wasn't cheap to get into vaping but, was cheap enough for adults and cost effective. Vaping will survive in the UK. I do think plain packaging will come in but, not a flavour ban. Most hobbyist vapers buy online and that will not go away. That is my opinion anyway.

  9. You really need to do some extra homework. You keep quoting about and including Australia in your examples. None of what you quote is true about Australia. You better do your fact checking before mouthing about it.

  10. this is more alarming than the additional trash coming from disposables!!! its a chain reaction to the downfall of the vaping industry!!! they are killing the industry that is making them money!!! this maybe the last hurrah of the vaping industry!!! 🙁

  11. If you take a look to germany, as you know, there
    will start a tax system on the whole liquid thing middle of this year. To every 10ml of your ready to vape liq, indepent from nic, a 1,6€ of tax, and as planned later on increasing to 3,2€. Even the sheer base is targeted by this! DL will be dead mostly.
    Maybe this partly explains why the GLOBAL industry is moving on to disposables because tax will be covered in one f*** convenient product, aside from no hassle in using it!
    And for sure, ironically, no one can foresee kids would use it as a toy. Yes, and disposables will be banned derived from environmental aspects, not because of destroying vaping as itself.
    UK government is buckling so as many others before, tend by lobbyists you know where they get paid from. It's a worldwide campaign of idealogical acuity, an invasion.
    Every part of the world gets it's own package of smoke candles. WHO.

  12. To be honest I've been thinking for a long time that disposables should be banned, mainly because of the damage it's doing to the environment sending millions of lithium ion batteries (with 1 cycle!) straight to landfill.

  13. I've been looking forward to this months vaper expo at the nec, because it's been 3 years since the last one, but I'm also worried that it's going to be saturated with disposables. 😞

  14. The crazy thing is that 99% of disposables have a rechargable lithium battery but have no plug/circuit to charge them. I can't imagine how many perfectly fine batteries are going to landfill. There's already disposable Ecigs littering the streets.

  15. It's not just bricks and mortar shops ..here down south ..it's newsagents and such ..a few of them have been caught out selling kids these things …awful things wasteful …bad juice… we are having the problem that happened in the states with the juul devices !!! Nice t-shirt by the way Vic 🙂

  16. Jason stutz shut up ok there selling all that to kids kids don't need to vape not at 10 or 15 those people who are selling them to kids should really get the boot from there jobs it's money for them sick people but the US is sort of responseable in a way so stop and think before and know the facts

  17. Please stop spreading misinformation about the US market. Online retailers are operating, brick and mortar is still operating, we are still getting shipments from China, UK and so on. Yes some States are cracking down but the US market has not collapsed. The US Reviewers are getting products and reviews up months before you are. When you do a "first look", I'm personally already vaping it, especially the Tita I've had that for 4 months. In my State alone we just beat a synthetic nicotine bill, so please stick to talking about your market just like US Reviewers only talk about the US market. Misinformation is what got us in this mess to begin with so please don't make it worse.

  18. It doesn't help that the nicotine strengths on disposables are labelled in percentages. I couldn't tell you the amount of customers I've had thinking that 2% is low nicotine 🤦 elfbars only have the percentage labelled clearly, with 20mg/ml in small print on the back of the box. It's misleading, and some people who usually vape 3/6mg pick up the disposables thinking they're even lower strength 🤦

    I will add, its only really misleading because e liquids are typically labelled mg/ml clearly as well as percentage (if they decide to show the percentage)

  19. I refuse to sell disposables, I did our own calculations on running cost of them vs Minican plus and they are around 10x the cost to run, lack flavour choice and are a environmental nightmare. I wonder if the users of them also go on about saving the planet, whilst contributing to the landfill?

  20. I'm sorry Vic but what we should look at is that this generation of teens are not smoking. I hate disposables but sadly if we want a smoke free 2030 disposables need to be there. The big thing is the vape industry can't keep up. And you missed is most of the disposables are 20mg nic salts that's the main reason for the popularity 20mg and more nic salts in some of them disposables. Tank's drippers can't Keep up and most vape shop can't sell some of the disposables because of the TPD some of them are 3000puffs 20mg or more so it's not vapes shops so much its the corner shops and the phone shop market stands but if we want smoke free 2030 we can't have it both ways. You need to think how old you was when you started smoking ?? I was 13 years and yes sadly kids are using disposables but we are not seeing the teens smoking outside school any more is it 95% better or not ?? I don't like it but if they not smoking It's a win I say

  21. Neutral packaging will not make any difference to sales, one who wants the product buys it regardless of packaging.
    We have had neutral packaging for tobacco, snus etc for many years where I live, the only thing that has changed is that the young people think the brown package looks better, kinda retro in style.
    Personally, I think that a neutral packaging makes the product more exclusive compared to the Chinese flashy packaging.

  22. I completely agree that disposal vapes are hitting the industry hard. Coming from a young cigarette user starting when I was 12 – 13 throughout the years up to 19 years old the amount I smoked got increasingly larger, with a 20-30 a day roll up smoker at 16 to 19. Vape products saved my future and health and the reason I took up vaping is because I had a baby on the way. The topics you are talking about and seeing America and Australia and the way they are handling vaping, it makes me sick… because the fact that vaping saved my health and future and made my sons upbringing healthier and cleaner. Seeing the Americans, I decided very very early on to buy and get to learn how to make eliquid and making sure that I am extremely advanced this rebuildables and also how to make the coils for my rebuildables, therefore if the worst was to happen I could easily DIY, everything my self. Me now at 21 years old, I only vape my DIY eliquid and have been for 1 to 2 years give or take. Now I will say that when me and my family go on holiday, I will be the first to say that I buy a couple of deposables so that I can use it in the place I am staying, inside the place. But I have come to that conclusion that I am also moving away from that and getting a pod system so that I can use that for holidays and make a small batch of dedicated eliquid for that, with a higher nicotine percentage. Now with the above points I mentioned about vaping causes me to feel very stongly about the issues and gaps that have been given for cowboy vape gear. I am glad that you look and feel as strong as I do about all of this so that you and push this information out to the masses. Thank you very much Vic, I appreciate everything you do for the industry.

  23. Vic what's happening here in the US is going to be worse. I live in upstate New York 270 miles away from New York City. I got hills mountains farmland. We no longer have vape shops right. Mom and pop shops are selling pretty much all hardware few mods. And a little liquid with Nick. I don't think this is legal but we're fucking tired of it and they're doing it anyways. But every place has a handful of disposables. I'm seeing this in a hicktown. We're going to be under scrutiny again. You people wear shining beacon of Hope. Personally conspiracy I think this is all been plotted. Listening is just got me raging it's going to domino effect again!

  24. For a country that advocates vaping, we have a funny way of showing it 2ml tanks pisses me right off. Noe let's hide eliquid. Parents should monitor their kids better how many things have idiot kids ruined. Probably alot as the think of tbe children argument always, always rears its ugly head. F$%k off.
    Shouldn't these law makers think at least kids aren't smoking. It's.all ridiculous. Still could be worse cod be in the u.s. no ta.
    Time to start stocking up. I'm going to spend every spare penny I can on juice.

  25. Kind of gone full circle. I solely dripped from 2017. Started vaping the year before. Got sick of the mess and poor quality equipment (my fault for buying it ) so ended for a few months pretty much using only disposables. Gone back to a aio. Thinking about it buying shit juice after shit juice had alot to do with. Too expensive though. Thinking about building and dripping again. I do specifically remember the Ariston advert. Showing your age Vic. I'm doing better folically probably not health wise having had a stroke and bleed on the brain by 41. I know you suffer health wise. No bloody fun. I have however been very, very lucky tbf. I digress. I do that alot.

  26. Fully agree and feel the same way. Restrictions are coming and it's all down to the shitty plastic imports.
    We, as e-liquid manufacturers, are struggling as you know.
    Just keep on as we are, us making e-liquid and you plugging kits and e-liquid which is why we love you 😘

  27. Me personally if I had a vape shop. I'd so what the supermarkets did when the age for smoking went down. I.e if you don't look 25 or older, im Id ing you.

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