Growing cannabis indoors week 7 – vegetation stage. Nearly all of the plants are looking fantastic. I’ve been doing some LST and …


  1. How many nodes on average should my plants have around week 6? Yours look so much bigger and are similar age. Also do you have a specific topping technique or is it different with evey plant? I’m trying to figure out the best technique for the biggest yield/ quickest turn over time. Right now I let them grow out 5 nodes top at the 3rd. Then I top the middle two colas. Thus making 8 total tops. Any thoughts on that? Thanks man appreciate the videos!

  2. man i can't wait for illinois to legalize so i can grow myself. i'm really not much of a nature guy but these plants are just beautiful lol

  3. This my first time growing weed, im trying it out for the hell of it. Ive been growing her for bout 3 months roughly, ik its a female by sum research and learning about the hairs and shit. Long story short, my plant is tall and has alot of white and orange hairs coming in with alot of inner growth by the stem, my question is how much longer do u think till buds start to actually show themselves . Thanks anybody 💪🙏❗❗

  4. 1:34 I'm confused, you said you didn't feed it any bottled nutrients, but in a previous video, you stated you were giving it half strength nutrients and wanted to cut back. Did I hear that wrong?

  5. Please do a video step by step for beginners i don’t necessarily have a green thumb. Everything I’ve ever tried to grow I’ve killed and I’ve tried the hydroponic mixed brews they sell by the gallon but I think I got nitrogen toxicity or root rot. Please help me I would love to learn how to grow but it’s been overwhelming and difficult so far

  6. nice video I am impressed with the length that you went to to germinate those seeds very old school and always appropriate and works I prefer to use an AeroGarden directly placing the seeds in the garden and letting them germinate for a month with in the garden for very strong with nice white roots I also like to use Verma fire when I'm growing outside because it has enough nutrients for 45 days once again thanks for you video peace and blessings z-man.

  7. Looking forward to your breeding video. Keep up the great work MGI. I have learned a ton from you and you ebook is my go to reference. Great content in that book! Cheers

  8. Yeahhhhhhhh alrightttttttttt nice very nice plants looking amazing great job my friend great setup everything looking beautiful I'm loving it I just subscribe like and hit the bell check me out as well and do the same I would really appreciate it bless up nuff respect cheers and growers luv

  9. I planted 4 seeds but only two sprouted and have been in the seedling stage I think for about 3-4 days and I’ve been feeding them just half a shot glass of water everyday, any tips to help? (Strain is unknown, nor is sex)

  10. What about seeds – will they appear the longer you leave the plant, and if so, by that time has the plant lost its 'value' (if you get what I mean)?

  11. Hey @Mr. Grow it I’m new to growing cannabis I was wondering when should I start using nutes and what type of nutes should I use? I’m currently 1 week and half in growing my Hybrid Scooby Snacks Strain and I’m already seeing the first set of rigid leaves, thanks 🙏

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