100% Success | GERMINATE CANNABIS SEEDS by Soaking in KELP: Organic Cannabis Cultivation Indoors

Catalyzing Life: Soaking Seeds in Kelp (Seaweed Extract) to Germinate Organic Cannabis is Part 2 of the Germinating Cannabis …


  1. Starting a late season grow down south….1st time doing it this late in season but I got a bunch of bag seed and Im willing to shoot my shot

  2. Started my hindu auto grow today. Dropped 5 seeds into water and 2 sank within a couple of hours. Other 3 are still floating so im gonna put em in a paper towel tomorrow morning and see if they sprout.

  3. Ive found using one drop of 60%fulvic acid with 3 drops of kelp in the soak ,3 seeds popped over night,3 in 18hrs ,the last 2 in 2 days.The first three were mutated with 6 double and 4 triple tips .Feel like frankensteins buddy ,Igor lol.Experimentation,next is to see if i can pass on those mutated genes with creating feminised mutant s.

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