1. Dr Berg I'm outside a lot and get a lot of insect bites especially from spiders and ticks. Nothing I repeat nothing works better than wild oregano oil. It's a must have in my household.

  2. Dr Edozele on YouTube is a blessing to this whole world, my fiancée and I finally got cured completely from herpes virus through the use of herbal meds from Dr Edozele on YouTube..

  3. So I made oregano oil at home using vodka instead of olive oil. Longer shelf life. I haven’t used it yet for anything but when I do, I’m assuming I out a few drops under my tongue?

  4. Hi, please explain how to take oregano oil. I'd like to take it for candida and gerd. I know it's good but I've been reading articles online saying that if you take it internally is toxic to humans. That's not a good thing.

  5. I've read that oregano oil can increase dopamine, which is what I'm interested in. Is that true? And do you have any videos on how to increase dopamine and motivation, Dr. Berg?

  6. Put a couple drops in a small pot with some water but it 1 inch of water boil it put a towel over your head breathing through your lungs and out through your nose vice versa for about 10 to 15 minutes this couple times a day you’ll be back to normal before you know it it’s amazing

  7. I have commented before on how heavily I have utilized your information in my lifestyle. Over the last two years I have achieved recovery from two life threatening surgeries occasioned by faulty metabolic dysfunction, eagerly incorporating your valued research and clear presentation. I am however, askance on the “cure all” properties of oregano oil. There is evidence that are some presenters touting oregano with questionable data. Might you consider a deep dive into the so called miracle in the cupboard.

  8. dog ear infection: 50% pure alcohol 50% ACV betadine, oregano oil and calendula oil mix and put in dogs ear !! Best remedy ever no steroids or antibiotics needed

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