A Slip-On Hemp Canvas Casual Minimalist Zero-Drop Shoes – Aptos by Xero Shoes

Discover this and MORE brand new Xero Shoes for Fall 2020 … PLUS register to ** WIN ** your favorite: …


  1. HUGE fan of these and the HFS's! I have 5 pairs of Xero Shoes/sandals right now and they've really helped heal many things that were messed up from marathons, training, and overall high mile running!

    Thank you Xero for the amazing shoes! my feet and knees and ankles can finally heal up now after so many years of shoe coffins!

  2. I’ve always loved this design for shoes. Flat, simple, and easy to wear. But I most ask.. I’m a size 9 in Vans so should o also get size 9 in these shoes?

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