Are We Seeing the End of Seresto Flea/Tick Repellent? #seresto #fleas #ticks

Dr. Laurie Coger of the joins me as we discuss the news about Seresto. Read more: Why Dr. Coger …


  1. I almost lost my dog at the age of 3 to a vaccination and from that day on, I stopped ALL poisons going into him and on him. Eg vax, flee, worming, horrific medicated shampoo, nasty treats and drugs. He's almost 12yo now and thriving, and people think he's a 12mo puppy.
    STOP🛑 ALL NASTY STUFF for your pets and treat according when something may arise. Eg. Apple Cider Vinegar, colloidal silver, herbs, oils, raw food etc.
    Only ever use natural and holistic ways/ingredients.
    Love, Health & Happiness to you both & all your fur🐶babies💕🤗🙏🥂🇦🇺

  2. I think there might be something to the amount of shade to sunlight on a property, we have all sun no trees or natural shade, we also have no issues (knock on wood) with fleas or ticks. But when i lived by the state park totally different story!

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