Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods

In this video the surgeons discuss some foods that may have anti-inflammatory properties. Although the scientific evidence is not …


  1. I kept hearing dark medical humor is a thing and the joke “Johnny ate a lot of this and now he’s standing on the roof thinking he’s Superman” just proved it!

    😂 I’ll definitely get this humor since I’ll be starting my new job working in the hospital next month.

  2. Thank you for your great channel also being accessible for questions. Had asked about my knee where i had extensive medial menuscus tear and cyst due to this. Time to time i had painfull periods of my knee and continued for long while then stopped and started for a while now i am pain free over a month and my cyst is no longer visible. I was wondering what would happen that i am pain free and good. Please let me know possible reasons.

  3. In about 1965, a diabetes researcher named Dr. Jurgen Steinke told me that eating too many avocadoes could cause diabetes. I had asked him , "What causes diabetes." Is that true or just outdated or wrong?

  4. How did I miss this video. It’s was awesome not only informative but funny. Not in a bad way but I loved loved the “Superman and the Nuts” comments. I love how you two bounce things off each other. ❤️🤗🇨🇦

  5. Black pepper with tumeric increases its anti-inflammatory effects by 1000percent…for some people tomatoes are considered night shade plants and it causes more immflammation rather than prevents it!Dark Chocolate however is great but it is generally made with sugars and oils that are counterproductive and can cause immflammation…particularly if eaten to much …Omega3 supplements pro amd con amd yes fish these days unfortunately due to plastics in the oceans etc and other deadly contaminants may be also immflammatory but rich in omega3s as we all know omega 6 causes immflammation if to high and omega 3 to low!

  6. So true Dr Dalzal….common sense is precious these days (re helmets)…are the parents more afraid of covid than they are concussion or brain damage from bike crash….hmmmm?

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