BEST Cannabis Oil Tutorial PT. 2 (THE MATH) | LEVO 2

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  1. When activating and infusing oil or butter with flower, how much smell? I live an apartment and I’m worried the smell will be too much. Thanks!

  2. Look you really take the time to do your very best to explain all this I know nothing so what you have given me more than a lot of other videos out there you seem to be very sweet lovely lady I hope that you keep helping people I would like to know how do you break the percentage down once you bake it from the oil and to say a chocolate bar that would be a helpful beautiful video cuz I am 55 and no zero about doing this but I prefer the edible part of it over the smoking part of it's bad for your lungs

  3. It is brave and helpful – it’s what we are all doing. Thank you for helping – I’m not so young and Levo is different from other infusers !! Good job!! Got me to use the thing again. 💪🏻

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