Can you Re-Veg a Cannabis Plant? You Sure Can!!!

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  1. Is this BS? I've never never never seen a cannabis plant come back from complete denuding. Did you happen to take any close-up photos of the denuded plants before they grew back or while they were in an intermediate phase between denuding and fan leaf emergence?

  2. Thanks for this. I have a DP that i want to re-veg that has great genetics but is sparse due to early problem i fixed.
    I'll harvest today and leave little to no leaves or buds. Fingers crossed.

  3. "the circumstances they can go through and still live" exactly why cannabis is the cure FOR cancer because once we medicate it helps us endure life & live longer through any fucked up situation..

  4. question and sorry if I asked something stupid. why would you re veg a male plant. O my question key isn't working lol nothing is working.

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