CANNA RIVER REVIEW | Topical CBD for Aches & Pains

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  1. Love videos like this I have fibromyalgia and am in severe pain everyday and have started purchasing CBD products lately most of them do help & love learning about new ones

  2. I ordered the highlighters from canariver and I am not a fan!! One of them all leaked out even though it was standing upright, the other one kept getting clogged and leaked out the mouth piece. I contacted them and they replaced it and sent an extra BUT it showed up, sealed but had leaked out in the package! They were great and refunded me but super disappointing.

  3. Also u can put links 4 each product? that'd b extremely helpful & nice 🙂 keep up the video & also on ur main channel the beauty & freaky Friday sex Ed videos! U make them fun & relaxing 2 learn!

  4. Oh new idea since the whole channel delete maybe put one of those quick screen pop ups at the beginning that says this video doesn’t promote the sale of regulated goods bla blah blah a lot of the stoner channels or videos I have seen have that.

  5. Try hot cannayoga it’s amazing! I am such a clumsy person but I can tree and eagle with no problems when I’m high and balancing which is crazy haha

  6. Keep posting…you'll get your subscribers back. I hope you're doing OK. It's an old cliche, but it's true — there's a lesson to be learned when faced with adversity. I hope something life changing comes out of this situation with YT. I don't know you and you didn't ask for my thoughts so you don't have to keep reading. I was thinking about all the knowledge you have about all things Cannabis and all her friends. It's overwhelming to look up information on Cannabis; it's not easy to digest and it's time consuming. Maybe you can create low content books/guides that provide people with the basics of Cannabis and second book/guide on the different ways to consume Cannabis with pictures of the different items, i.e. wraps, spoon pipe, etc., and another book/guide on the different strains, another on terpenes with cool pictures of the different items that correspond with the flavor profiles and health benefits, another could be a low content book with cool, interesting pictures of your bong collection. Maybe write a little rhyme or something cute to go with each one. It will take time, but you only have to invent the wheel once. Once you have it on a computer or whatever, you can use the information in all sorts of ways – the same information just the presentation is re-imagined. Find a few marketplaces where you want to sell your creations (Amazon has a special program or something for low content books) and forget it. When you make a sale, the money will be deposited into your account — there's nothing for you to do. Now, I don't know if I should post this comment…it seems like too much. Eeek.

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