Cannabis Plant Low Water Stress Symptoms

Cannabis is known to be a drought tolerant plant species, but if your growing it in production, not watering enough will result in …


  1. Is that a store bought soil you have there? Or is it something yall mixed up? If so, do you have a video of the process of making the soil? Thanks man

  2. Man, I appreciate you dropping that knowledge. You have solidified my conclusion that My plants aren’t getting enough water in mid-flower. My plants symptoms are exactly like what you just showed and described. I’m hoping that I don’t lose any. Thanks

  3. Great video. I wish I found this video earlier. I had the same issue and thought it was nitrogen deficiency. I’m still in veg stage. Growing one plant outside that I rescued from a grower friend that was gonna trash it. Now she’s almost 4’ tall and has the most amazing branch structure. I recently gave her a 1/3 inner growth hair cut and tied down the branches. Added some shake and feed and still giving it dechlorinated tap water. I wait until it’s bone dry, just before or the same day I notice the leaves starting to droop. Then I give it about 12L of water…sounds like a lot…but that’s what it takes to get run off. I’m using a 10gallon fabric pot. So far so good but I’m glad I know this now because I’m not gonna feed it anymore. The soil and shake and feed will be enough for the next 2 months. I will end up having to feed her some bloom when flowering comes. Oh, and I’m growing an Afghani #1. Wish I could share pictures

  4. Man this happened to me this year but I found this video too late. Random yellowing with fast die off while other parts lower were green. Poopy. Thanks a Bunch for the info!

  5. Glad I found your video, I’ve been tripping for awhile, like I did everything I could and even searching over the web, and can’t find the answer, I have the exact symptom, thank you 🙏🏽 my plants is green as heck and I was like what is it with these yellowing inside and falling off. You save me tons of time ✊🏼

  6. I won’t subscribe to any negative people in the cannabis community. You started your video with brow beating the girl who does your watering. That’s between you and her and you shouldn’t use YouTube to give her another dig. It’s up to you to train your people properly. So in fact the error made was yours. Our community is growing fast and we are all about positivity. So I’m not entirely writing your channel off. I’ll see if your other videos are different and this might just have been a bad day. Check out Pigeons420 and take note of his excellent attitude. Peace and happiness brother!

  7. The owner of this facility needs some help watering and cleaning these plants they look horrible all of that dead under growth is going to cause nothing but pest issues …

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