CBD & Mental Health – Exhale CBD Review

CBD has been quite the craze the last few years. CBD has shown to help improve certain mental health conditions. CBD and …


  1. I’ve tried high quality cbd (cbdmd) multiple times and haven’t experienced any benefits… I know there’s scientific studies that show it helps a lot of things but I gotta be honest I’m not really convinced… any suggestions anyone? Maybe a specific brand or mg lvl? I’m gonna try exhale but if that doesn’t work for me does anyone have any recommendations?

  2. In my experience CBD products can vary wildly in quality but if you find the good stuff it can work wonders on anxiety. If you’ve tried it before and it didn’t work at all I highly recommend looking for a reputable brand and trying again. Lots of stuff out there markets itself as CBD but actually has hardly any in it.

  3. I wear dirty clothes sometimes rather than risk seeing any neighbor in my apt complex walking to laundry room downstairs.
    Kratom made it easier to walk out door for years. I think cbd oil fixed my thyroid…i have access to tons…so I really ate a lot.

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