CBD Nation (1080p) FULL DOCUMENTARY – CBD, Comedy, Crime

CBD Nation is a documentary examining the highest levels of research and evidence behind the safest known, therapeutically …


  1. In China, smoke Marijuana, 1 year to 5 years prison. 50 gram hold. Life time or death sentence.
    In Japan, smoke it. 1 year prison. 1kilogram hold 10 years prison
    In Korea, smoke 6 months to 1 year prison
    20 gram hold. 2 years to 5 years prison.
    In Singapore, smoke 1 year prison
    10 gram hold 2 years to 10 years prison.
    In USA. A lot of patients need it. Use as medical purposes and fun too.

  2. And yet still listed by the government as having no medicinal benefit while they have patents on cannabis. The whole Marijuana thing was just propaganda to benefit Big Pharma

  3. We can buy CBD oil in a regular drugstore here in the Netherlands but the % is to low for me after more then 10y of hernia pain in my spine and Both legs and the Total of 6 hernia's i now got a Neurostimulator since the 2nd of Feb. 2022, the recovery is slow from that operation but i think i wil get there eventualy. I Only wish the dosis of working CBD whas higher . Good documentary weldone👍👍👍👍👍

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