CBD Oil for Autism- Our Experience

We started our son on CBD several months ago, after other medications had failed to help. This was our experience. Our son was …


  1. Obviously expense is one matter of concern. If it were me, I would find another source that is less expensive, and also up the dosage. Maybe 2 ml. twice a day. Total of 4 ml. a day. Everybody's metabolism is different. Strains are different. Laws are different in different countries, and in the U.S.A., even different in each state. Godspeed…

  2. It would help if your son got a haircut 💇‍♂️💇 you have let him go to pot. He's starting to look like cousin IT on the Adams family.

  3. I'm sorry, I love your videos but I need to correct you on one point. And this is from experience. THC is not addictive. I was a connoisseur pothead for over 40 years, and without making any choice, I suddenly realized one day a few years ago, that I don't smoke it anymore. No decision. Just stopped without even realizing it. I've not missed it, and I've never found myself jonesing for it. I just simply don't use it anymore. And don't miss it. And ironically, I have a huge jar full of about a pound or more that I actually grew myself of what is possibly one of the most powerful strains on earth. And it just sits there as I give away some of it now and then to friends that still enjoy it. No. Not addictive at all. Not even a little bit. Habit forming perhaps, but not addictive. Take it from a cigarette smoker who has tried for years to quit that nasty habit and still struggles.

    And now, on a different note, I have a friend that gives his dog CBD oil for arthritis and it works.

    You have my prayers, and your son and your family. Good luck and God bless.

  4. Also if you can get it online call a few places and see if they will sponsor your son. Cooking with cannabis YouTube channel is in Canada and there is a shop that sends her stuff.

  5. the machine wants the most energy it can get out of people. that's why cyborg type drugs don't work. im taking heart meds and I had a stroke? side effects are a huge silent and lurking danger

  6. we live in a world where it is assumed that everyone lives the same lives as the assumers. we all have our own needs, tastes and opinions so individual treatments are a must

  7. Is Clonidine available in Canada for children? Guanfacine (Intuniv) is a 5-HT2B agonist which is KNOWN to cause cardiac valvulopathies – this is why Fen-Phen was pulled off the market. Clonidine shares the beneficial Alpha-2 Adrenergic agonism that is behind Intuniv's effectiveness but it lacks the problematic 5-HT2B agonism. I honestly don't know why it is an approved drug as a lot of potential and even promising pharmaceutical drugs get binned before human trials begin as soon as they're discovered to hold this particular activity. Look into Clonidine if it's an option!

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