1. so it's that easy to get cbd into your system? I have ptsd and can't afford all the cbd vape juices but can afford plenty of the nicotine and nonnic flavors in the mail, then I just mix the cbd isolate in, make sure it is plenty disolved and then I can vape away my anxiety? this is brilliant, can't believe i didn't hear about this, hopefully I can use this method without nicotine to get off of that and thc and live a normal life. thank you for this

  2. For anybody watching this DO NOT DO THIS I did this and the crystals were not soluble in 50/50 pg/vg I wasted a full gram of cbd isolate doing this! I’ve heard you need to dissolve it in the propylene glycol first and then add the VG after, I now have a snow globe of vape juice and CBD crystals!

  3. in reality due to you putting it into a 30ML bottle instead of 10ML means you got less CBD per MG/ML so if it was 500 before you added it divide that by 3 and thats your strength which for me personally wouldnt do a thing.

  4. You paid $40 for 500mg of CBD? That store ripped you off big time, I bet he was laughing when you walked out. You can get 1000mg for $20 if you look around, some places even do it for $10. DAMN!

  5. Hey Chris watched ur vid and everyone should know this site buycbdoilonline.com cbd isolate is $29 a gram not a 1/2 gram w/free shipping and all their products are cheaper than anywhere else the man named And is awesome and super helpful if u order online he will send u a message that u r dealing straight w/ him not sure if he is the only one but this man is very hands on and cool. shipping is 3 or so days great service check them out

  6. I tried his method with a 0mg nic juice and double boiled to dissolve it but it reconstituted/crystallized over time is there any other method that it wont reconstitute and actually mix/disolve in?

  7. I thought that eliquid already contains vg and pg or there's the nicotine salts one that's super thin like water not as thick as regular vape juice. Also couldn't you just get a flavoured ejuice and add CBD….

  8. Thanx mate mate. Cant believe you complain about the price. In Australia i paid $700 for 7mg of cbd. Our government is retarded and haven't even legalized this wonderful medicine. Thanks again

  9. Don't use the smok or any sub ohm device. It will burn your CBD. CBD requires lower temperature achieved with 1ohm -1.6ohm devices. About 386F burn temperature

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