Cesar Millan Reveals The Biggest Mistake Dog Owners Make

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  1. I love you Ceasar my first dog ever i got from a sheltervher last day then when they were kill shelters we got lost from getting bad directions i said we can try again tomorrow after school to my girls and on our way home we found the shelter the staff rushed us back they were closing in 15 minutes this young guy said there is the coolest dog shes brindle but like a tiger and a retriever shes full grown we think shes around 6 months old we met her fell in love znd i was to come get her after the morning spay surgery i walked in to get her i said come on molly and the staff all said at once we thought you would name her lucky we lost the bet i said bet wow why would you bet i would name her lucky because oh you didnt know? I said oh no whats wrong .,,they smiled and said everything is great shes fine but last night was her last night to be adopted we have to euthanize the ones that just have been here for so long and arent getting adopted…i immediately burst into tears and brought her home let her meet the kitties while sedated and had i not watched every single show video dvd you had made read every single training book you had written i would have been having a very out of control possibly dangerous situation because molly was not done growing and she took her role as great protector and loved us deeply deeply she went on to grow to stand at my hip level and on her hind legs her paws rested on my shoulders she weighed at her prime around 98 lbs trim dog too very sweet and very very loving kind would not allow anyone who had been drinking or speaking loud or getting angry anywhere near any children until they shaped up she was never aggressive but make no mistake she sent her message loud and clear every step to walk around her to gain access to those children toddlers babies or kids she would stand up from sitting on guard and slowly walk wherever that angry or loud aggressive person was walking and would use her entire length of her body to make a roadblock a barricade people would say Hey ….are you seein this …,she is letting me nowhere near the kids and she would stand up again and walk to the other entry near the wall and table and would block the person by simply standing frozen across their path while looking at the kids and then at me then the kids and the person and at me like hey mom this jerk just yelled at the kids are you gonna tell then to cool their jets or nuh uhno way jose is that allowed near these babies no way not my babies aint nobody gonna be yellin and drinkin and actin up near these kids thats not how we do it up in here we dont yell or hit or scream at anyone unless we are playin and that fool wasnt chasin no frisbee or tug o war with u mom so you handle him and i got these babies he needs a leash and a good walk to learn who runs this pack ma hey why is he so loud hey hey heyheyyyyyy growling hey bark SHTUCHSS !SZHUTCHSS , DID YOU USE YOUR FOOT TOUCH MA YANK THAT LEASH MA AND I BET MA IBET YOU HE DOESNT EVEN LET YOU GO OUT THE DOOR FIRST AND I BET WHEN YOU PUT HIS PLATE DOWN AND GO TO PUT FOOD ON IT I BET HES THE NAUGHTY DOG TRYNA BE BOSS OF YOU BET HE STARTS EATING THE FOOD AND KNOCKING STUFF OVER HE LOOKS LIKE HE DIDNT HAVE ANY TRAINING …MOLLY HELPED ME PLUCK BAD GUYSFROM MY LIFE…WE PUT MOLLY DOWN LAST YEAR AND I ACHE FOR HER I MISS HER AND SHE WAS MY FIRST EVER DOG….AT 43 WITH 6 KIDS WIDOWED AND RAISED ALL OF MY CHILDREN AND MY LAST CHILD WAS GRADUATED AND HERE IN PANDEMIC WE LOST 3 AUNTS AND OUR BELOVED MOLLY GIRL WE ALL WENT IN AND SO DID COUSINS AND FRIENDS AND WE TOLD HER HOW MUCH SHE CHANGED OUR LIVES AND SHE WOULD ALWAYS STAY IN MY HEART AND SHE WAS TAKING A BIG PART OF US WITH HER AND PLEASE MEET ME ON MY LAST DAY BECAUSE ILL REALLY BE LOOKING FWD TO SEEING HER I SAID EVERYONE SAYS WE REALLY RESCUED YOU AND HOW LUCKY HOW REALLY REALLY LUCKY YOU WERE WEFOUND THAT SHELTED AND RAN IN MET YOU AND ADOPTED YOU ON YOUR LAST DAY TO LIVE …AND IVE ALWAYS THOUGHT WOW I LOVE YOU MOLLY SO VERY MUCH I KNOW IT WAS REALLY YOU THAT SAVED US …IT WAS YOU ALL ALONG MOLLSBOSH YOU RESCUED US I COULDNT IMAGINE WHAT LIFE WITH A DOG WOULD BE LIKE WHEN I FIRST GOT YOU AND TODAY I CANT IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT YOU WHO COULD EVER FILL THOSE BIG HORSEY PAWS MY GIRL MY SWEET GENTLE NEVER EVER EVER GROWLED SNAPPED AT OR GOT AGGRESSIVE NEVER ONCE WITH ANY BABY ANY PUPPY AND DOGS ANY CATS ANY KITTENS ONLY PEOPLE WHO JUMPED MY FENCE AND MY EX WHO GRABBED ME AND TRIED TO HIT ME…MOLLY SAID NOT THIS MOM YOU DONT NOT IN MY HOUSE AND LUNDGED AT HIM ON HIND LEGS FROM ACROSS THE ROOM TWO PAWS HER 100 LBS RIGHT AT HIS CHEST AND WITH A GROWL BARK TEETH SHOWING AND A RIDGE DOWN HER BACK I ONLY SAW THAT ONCE NO BITING JUST A DONT HURT MY MOM…WHEN WE FIRST GOT HER WE TAUGHT HER TO SIT SIT PRETTY LAY DOWN BANG PLAY DEAD BACK TO SIT NICE TO MEET YOU SHE WOULD GIVE YOU HER PAW RIGHT AND LEFT SIDE THEN HIGH FIVE RIGHT AND LEFT IF YOU WANTED AND DANCY DANCE SHE WOULD HOP AND TURN AROUND LIKE A BRONCO AND THEN COMMANDO CRAWL ON HER BELLY CRAWL BELLY TO THE GROUND ACROSS THE FLOOR HEAD DOWN ALSO LIKE SHE WAS CRAWLING UNDER A WIRE TRAP DETONATION IN COMBAT. THANK YOU CEASAR FOR TRAINING ME WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GIFT IT Was for me to raise my children using same firm gentle theory yes i admit i did the foot touch tshh technique a time or two on my kids but seriously your methods allowed me to run a peaceful joyful balanced happy good manners classy behavior great study skills ethics morals no violence and none of my kids wanted to keep unbalanced people in their group of friends i loved that so your sharing your talent witn the world about how to raise dogs set boundaries limjtations and rules is and has always been the most beautiful gift that keeps on giving Caesar!

  2. Cesar is incorrect. It is not just nurture that makes a dog aggressive, it is both nature (genetics) and nurture (environment) that plays a role in behavior. Humans are the same way, since humans are animals too.

  3. When Cesar First Started On Television I Watched Him Religiously.
    I Had NO DOG!🤣

    I Was a Serious CAT PERSON…🐈
    I Thought Cat's Were Easier Than Dogs..🤔🐈

    Many Years Later after Cesar's Original Shows Aired I was Rescued By a Little Cheagle Fur-Gal….🐕❤

    Who Taught Me To Be a Better Person..😇🐕

    She Was My Physical Therapist after I Severely Broke My Leg..
    My Insurance Went With My Employment.

    (I Was Fired From My Hospital Position After 10yrs of Service.
    I Informed Them I Had Broken My Leg.. An The Next They Terminated Me …🤔)

    Everyday Post-Surgery My Little Dog Pushed Me To Walk Our Desert Hills a Little Further Each Walk..
    My Leg is Has Long Prosthesis… Yet My Leg is The Only Body Part With Zero Pain.
    I Owe My Walking Abilities All To My Princess Betty Biscuits..
    Ms. Betty For Short..💛🐕

    We're Old Gal's Now.
    She Almost 13yrs & I'm 65 yrs old ..
    We are Both Still Going Strong PraiseS! 🥰🐕🏜

    Dogs Are Simply Angel's With Fur.. I Was Blessed When
    Ms. Betty Joined My Life..💛

  4. I know every evening in the park a golden retriever owner leaves their dog at the park even knowing their dog climbs to other dogs other people even once my mom if i wish I could file a case against the owner i would but m kid and my mom saying it's just a dog how the hell they can just leave their dogs

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