City of Kingston seeks applications for a marijuana regulation and taxation task force

KINGSTON – The City of Kingston is seeking applications for an advisory task force to lead the city’s transition into allowing local marijuana dispensaries in accordance with the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act.

The state continues to develop regulations related to adult use of cannabis, revising long-standing law enforcement policies and creating new business opportunities throughout the state. 

The city has not opted out of allowing licensing for local dispensaries and on-site consumption. While the NY State Office of Cannabis Management will control that process, the Kingston is creating a task force to gather community input regarding these policy changes. 

“The cannabis industry will be new here in New York and each community will be learning how to navigate this process,” said Mayor Steven Noble. “We know that, in the past, marijuana enforcement created vast inequities and disproportionately affected communities of color. When we put conditions in place for future cannabis retail in Kingston, we want to make sure that jobs are being created and the tax revenue will go to benefit these impacted communities.”

  The mission of this task force will be to help guide the city in its limited authority over the time, place and manner of retail operations. It will also amplify community voices regarding enforcement concerns and goals for how cannabis sales tax proceeds can be reinvested to achieve the law’s social equity objectives.

  `Applications for joining the task force, can be found here and here due by Friday, July 8, 2022.

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