Diesel 24 hours seizure free ❤

My boy has been 24 hours seizure free on his new, increased, and CBD meds. You can tell he is still a little wobbly as he has …


  1. How is he now??? I just saw a stupid tiktok of them posting your video from this channel that’s should not be on Tiktok that’s your video not theirs I’m so sorry bye I hope diesel is still doing ok ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Bro I can't tell you how much too see animals still alive from having a stroke my cat had the stroke she pass way 2013 she was 14 years old i miss her so much i didn't want other people feel the same pain I did and I'm still feeling alots of pain cause she is the bestfriend of mine she means alot to me I still cry people think she a cat but she is loving caring cat that cares about me most people do not understand the love me and her share I just do not want anyone go thru what I I been thru
    I realized if you want a pet to love you have to show them love and caring like we do with a kid cause to me pets are kinda like a kid to us

  3. My dog used to do the same thing as hin. She was only about two years old. She was given lots of meds that never worked. They just started getting worse daily. They had gotten so bad to the point we had to put her down. A tip is watch his tounge when he is having an episode they can choke. 💔

  4. I suffer from seizures too and I can’t imagine what his going through! Please give me CBD daily? Even if he doesn’t have a seizure he is still feeling symptoms. It’s very normal! Hopefully CBD works for him and he can be years seizures free!

  5. My rescue Cleo, great dane was epileptic. Once on the right medication seizures stopped accept for when we found a pill that she did not swallow. She lived to be 11yrs old. Our huskies thankfully did not have any. Your husky reminds me of my Sasha 💜

  6. I’m so happy to see him finally recovering! All of your hard work and tough times, with all of his medicines, he finally will be good and free off of it. We still have hope that the seizures will continue to ware off, and he will be fully recovered. As always, sending love towards your family.

  7. He looks so confused in the video maybe because of the new doses from the meds or just because he hasn’t experienced a day without a seizure

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