DOES "HOT GIRL" SUMMER EXIST?? – what I eat in a week ( vegan recipes! )

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  1. I see honey like I see figs, which I also consume. Do you ✨💛 You don’t need to be 100% perfect to be vegan, you choose your labels.

  2. The algorithm did good today in recommending your channel to me! It's clear to me that whatever you're doing is working because you radiate joy 🙂 And of course I love the realistic, nourishing vegan food inspo. Thanks for this! I'm subscribed and going to keep my eye out for more of your videos.

  3. Loved the message on mindfulness and I'm so excited to see you trailer renovation!!! Also, do you think you could do a video on explaining how to get over mindsets on food, like breakfast food and dinner food?

  4. I loveeee how positive you're in matter of food….. more love your way💜💜💜
    Genuine question: dont you feel lazy cleaning the utensils after all this mind boggling recipes

  5. Yesss I love the idea of making whatever you want for breakfast. I love charcuterie boards so I make a little snack container with mini cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, pickles, pickled jalapeños and onions and a bunch of different things and I eat that for Brekky because I know I will actually eat it rather that forcing myself into typical “breakfast foods” that I’m not a fan of

  6. I've been an ethical and environmental vegan for over 5 years and I still use a couple makeup products beeswax as an ingredient. I'm wfpb so I don't eat honey. I see other vegans eat honey in their videos without giving it a second thought.

  7. Agree that honey is not a bad food for the environment or animals. Bees CHOOSE where they live so if there was cruelty they would literally LEAVE. and bees are vital for plants and life.

  8. Amazing video just as always! I absolutely adore your content and style, and I swear that you’re literally the only vegan youtuber I could watch forever, without skipping any parts of the videos. Keep it going, curious about the new trailer!😍

  9. My food history, a long time in my live I ate everything what was available in the supermarkets, one day I came to the point, to eat less meat, and just from a good butcher, where the animals don''t suffer. Then some month later I became a vegetarian, then vegan. I lived have a year vegan, after that I became vegetarian again, for maybe a year. I did it vor many reasons, because I didn't want to harm the planet, but it made me really unhappy, I Had so many Bad thoughts and often watched in the products what ingredients were inside. With the vegan way of life I felt sad, too many stressy thoughts. How I eat flesh again, I was tiered of watching where the eggs come from, when I go to a bakery I just want to enjoy a snail noodle without a guilty conscience. I have seen how much food ist beeing wasted, just thrown in the trash, that made me sad too. I realized, it is ok to eat eggs, flesh and fish, the last days I ate a lot of it, infact in the future I will eat flesh one or to times in a period of one or two weeks, I even don''t have to eat so much milk products, but sometimes a quark with some fresh fruit, or cheese is just joy. Some people don't know what to eat, they are hungry, so I am thankful that I have something to eat. Eggs are a good thing, I like it more, when the chickens are happy, so I eat less. If you have some chickens in your garden, and feed them, and you have fresh milk from a ecological farmer you can bake a cake, and thats great. Think about it, you didn't have a barbeque for some weeks, no meat, than you are happy, can say,we make a barbeque at the weekend with our friends. So I don''t think you are crazy.

  10. Julia you really should try hot chai chocolate 💚 Just infuse the milk with chai tea for a few minutes before you add your cocoa powder. I just throw a tea bag in while the milk is heating. This tastes bomb ☺️

  11. The Vegan Feta is definitively the best 👍🏼you can get, but it’s expensive.
    Anyways, sometimes it’s time for special things. 🍀💫☀️🎉
    Greetings from Germany 👋🏻

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