EASY Ways to Revive a Sick Plant QUICKLY

Plants not looking so hot? It could be a variety of things, rarely is it as easy as just pinpointing one thing that cause the problem …


  1. I have some plants which the leaves are curling down some are very slightly trying to twist . And the prefliwers are really light green I n colour . I'm not over watering them , I'm just using canna a&b 30ml to 10 litres water room temps 30 degrees lights on , around 19 degrees lights off .

  2. Got some cuts and put them in coco an since they’ve been in they have just yellowed and leaves started to curl up the ph is 5.8 and an ec of 1.0 going in and coming out. Any ideas?

  3. Ok guys so I was lightly misting my trellis net tp style or triangle and some of the paint lightly speckled my Durban ps they still at basically beginning of veg it’s just a light speckling g I’ve never had this happen and my ps are in the ground outside in a random field of mine I’ve been growing for over 20 years but never had this happen I know if you directly blast any plant with paint its not good but would what I accidentally did be harmful should I ship those leaves off or will it be ok and grow past it ?

  4. got ahold of 2 soil started clones, I left them in the soil for 2 day minimal water.they started turning yellow at the tips. so I transplanted from soil to rock wool cubes and clay pellets trimmed away the dead and started nutrients. they have roots and I've got them on a 15 min drip cycle every 8 hours and 24 hr light cycle. temp 86deg r/h 63% it looks like these ladies are on their way out the door could use some knowledge dropped on me on this 1. thanks

  5. what 'cheaper' or not as good version of great white were you talking about? I use ecothrive biosys but im in the UK. I did try rechrge and it was good but more expensive because of shipping

  6. Great info guys , keep growing your fire , and keep fireing it up also , I believe with all the info you guys give in honesty , no secrets , if one can just follow along and understand the process , be patient on your watering and let your babies talk to you , use your common sense , and ask questions if needed , I think growing can be a success . Thanks for the videos keep them coming ..

  7. To FLUSH a wet plant i toss the plant in the shower and dump the water to it then tilt the plant on a 45 degree angle and let it drain ,the angle works by changing the PERCHED WATER TABLE LEVEL you will get just about full drainage and dry back to next water/feed is cut in half

  8. Okay I have a question I have 6 plants all started the same time all but 2 plants are messed up there all burnt up all the rest of the plants look healthy all of them have the same soil but two of them are just f**** fubar what could be the problem and they're all fed the same water and everything pH balance and they're all the same strain

  9. I love this channel I love watching Beavis and Butthead making these beds balls will keep watching them my very own Beavis and Butt-head to watch

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