Eating and Testing CBD Edibles | Bounce

Join Caitlin, Jay and Natty for some honest & legal CBD taste testing! To support our work, buy us a coffee: …


  1. most of what's being sold has 0% THC, so no harm. Looking at the site even CBD is little to none. If Medical marijuana is the goal, then best look at the other components that can assist in treating illnesses examples, such as diabetes with THCV. I would gladly buy a coffee for Natty with CBD from California! 😊

  2. The age of 25 is when your brain generally stops developing. The medical recommendation then is not to use cannabinoids until your brain has stopped developing.

  3. Why is Jay a presence on this channel? He’s every single aspect of millennial behaviour, (mainly the bad aspects) laid end on end. Ahhh! That’s the problem, he obviously hasn’t been in far too long.

  4. only 4 hrs after I saw the show I saw their booth at Emquartier, but no chocolate and jellies unfortunately. Thanx anyway.

    Could you honestly tell how the „long“ term effect was. Usually it takes a little while until you feel any impact on your body. So, how did you feel after 1 hour of consumption?

  5. Exceptional show, Natty is once again a great show person, takes control and does the show superbly, Jay is a scaredy boy, and needs to get a life, go out and try things, Kaitlin needs to relax a bit, it’s weed, only a herb, What a brilliant entertaining show, keep them coming Natty and team, Sorry Queen Natty Sir Jay, and princess Kaitlin or is it princess Jay

  6. 3:19 – around this point, Natty's probably thinking "NOW he tells us…". 😁 4:35 – I've NEVER seen a container of milk that big in Thailand, OR around here. Gallon jugs are common in the US, of course.. that looks like the huge bottles soy sauce for restaurant kitchens come in. 8:46 – Happy Jelly??? 😂 Er, it sounds like, uh, well, never mind..

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