1. I’ve took too much, was 2 eights edible chocolate of 🍄
    I thought I was dead but at the same time I felt sunk into the universe so many emotions before that.
    Pretty intense I felt venerable to everything I cried. You learn to appreciate things in life it calmed me down in a way.

  2. The guy knows what he's talking about. I basically overdosed on edibles I made myself one time and yeah you can't have an overdose with thc but my brain couldn't handle the amount and I literally had symptoms of an overdose and my nerve system was totally going nuts. At one point after 3 hours into the trip it felt like millions of volts shooting through my head down to my feet and into the ground in intervalls of 30 seconds. I saw shit you can not imagine. Don't underestimate eating thc kids. Just for info I consumed almost 1gr of potent at least 60-70% hash in 3 cookies all at once because yolo. Thinking back it was one of the must fucked up but also greatest things I've whitnessed on this earth.

  3. I had Weed Tablet you put in Mug and Put water over it I was stoned to the bone I just layed on the couch and got chills Thought I was going to die it was my first time Being high on weed

  4. everyone has an edibles story and here's mine

    so I bought a bar of chocolate (1250 mg) and it's the size of a hershy bar. I thought it said 125 mg so I'm an idiot, which was problem number one and problem number two was that I underestimated what 1250 mg can do to one person haha
    I'm 5'6 and on a good day I'm about 120 lbs 🤦🏼‍♀️ yeah, I know…
    so I decided to watch the movie "jumper" where the kid can teleport or whatever (great movie btw) and I get this idea in my head that I can reach thru space and time and get whatever I want. well super high me wants a sour cherry flavored jolly rancher. don't ask, I was high. so I'm sitting in my bed, reach down the side of my bed and I swear oml I pulled up a sour cherry flavored jolly rancher. I swear I'm not lying! it scared me so bad I threw it across the room!!
    then I realized that was rude of me to ask the universe for something so precious, get it, and then be afraid of it… so I went and picked it up and ate the evidence 🙃

    two day later, as I'm sobering up, I realize that I only eat 1 kind of jolly rancher (and give the rest to the neighbor kid) so if I were to find any one flavor in my house, that flavor would definitely be the one. plus, I eat them in my room daily, so yeah, there's probably quite a few all over my room. hahhahahahhahahhahaha I'm so dumb. hahhahahaha
    I put bleach in the fridge and milk in the laundry room once too. I mixed them up haha gotta love edibles. they aren't playin around!

  5. Weird sounds like bullshit to me eat edibles every day all day never trip or nothing get really high but that's it and it's all medical too literally just ate 3 brownies an hour ago

  6. Man ive seen edibles go wrong on first time users. Not ideal set either. All were high and one just got possessed. Rolling eyes and twitching the head. Very insane. Had the ambulance come pick m up

  7. I quit smoking weed 2 weeks ago. I would smoke a joint every hour, literally. I have such a high tolerance, ive eaten soo much edibles and I have never gotten high from edibles

  8. I have been smoking multiple times a day and can relate to what Joe said. I even take edibles often. But for some reason one day I took a sativa 5 MG edible and it was the highest i have ever been in my whole entire life. Wasn’t scary, but it was definitely an experience. I remember seeing pamona who is from Roman mythology. She gave me insight on how to write new poetry, since then, my writing has gotten EXTREMELY better. Was a great trip, I think of it from time to time

  9. The first time I had edibles I thought it was going to be nothing as I smoked for year's when I was younger.
    I took about a gram of this magical honey and about an HR later I was laying there listening to the sound of my heart beating, it got so loud in my head it was deafening, I could feel every beat as well thumping away like a drum, shit started to go south really quickly
    Freaking me out it was like nothing I've ever felt before with THC, I started overheating sweating my arse off, it was pissing rain outside, I jumped to my feet stripped down to my underwear and ran out the door!
    I ended up just sitting in the rain for a few hrs until I felt a bit better.
    Never again will I touch it, the jar is full sitting in the fridge waiting for it's next victim 🤣
    The old guy that made it warned me it was strong, I laughed and said she'll be right mate, I'll be fine.
    Should've listened to him 🤣
    I Still haven't told him it knocked me stupid…

  10. I heard the edible mushrooms grow on cow shit? I dunno but that's what I heard. I was always like I'm cool I'll stick with the weed. And edible pot has been proven to be laced with prescription drugs to get you so high.

  11. i got so high off edibles before i began to unrecognize and no longer understand things the way i use to , it felt like i was being reborn every second, it felt like how people describe ego death but i an not too sure. Every 3 second sound sounded like a 3 minute song incredibly complex and when music was played i intrepreted it as satanic, i was having a million of thoughts i normally have but i felt completely disassociated from them it was incredibly weird and scary, if i knew it would have happened i would have prepared for it though, hoping it happens again to be honest under appropriate setting for me

  12. Wow I’ve never seen this addressed before by a mainstream source. I have also had a ‘psychedelic’ experience off edibles before and it was something else. I had to have liquor in my system for it to trigger that response so it wasn’t just the edibles alone to get me in that state, but it was just like tripping acid for me and it was incredible. I went to a pretty crazy place that is too difficult to describe though a YouTube comment but yeah I always thought I was like the only one to ever feel that before until I started looking into it. It takes a lot but it can be done.

  13. I had a better time on lower doses of shrooms vs higher doses, but that's just me. I couldn't focus on anything, it was just a lot. Whereas with Lucy, I could still "function" to a degree.

  14. It baffles me how he can take mushrooms during a podcast, take dmt, LSD and the toad and all that, but he talks edibles like they’re this super strong powerful stuff. I can do 1000mg all it does in those super doses is put you to sleep.

  15. Personally I haven't taken edibles but I remember when my homie took 12 and he…. Well he definitely was at heaven that's for sure…

  16. I’ve eaten an edible gummy that was apparently 4 doses, and I thought it was 1. 1000 mg, and I said something to a friend while sitting behind him and his wife in the van, and I heard my voice echo about 5 times 😂😂 paused high asf and didn’t tell anybody

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