Extraction Explained: How to Make Cannabis Extracts – Live Resin, Shatter, Craft Concentrates & More

Wondering how to make popular cannabis extracts like Live Resin, Shatter, Craft Concentrates, Crude Oil, Distillate and Isolate?


  1. Man why didn't we talk about BHO?? or Hash?? Or Badder?? Like the 3 most popular/ original Concentrates.
    What's also not mentioned is that with Distillate you loose a lot of other canabinoids- you really need the full spectrum of canabinoids to feel creative off bud

  2. i offered your company a $300,000 sales to make a product your company actually source out the equipment specific to this product requirements
    now they won’t give me an SOP which I have email stating that they had an SOP for it and they could do it I have an listed instructions from the original manufactures this on which steps to use which chemicals use I just need instructions on how do use your equipment I offered for them to do video class since they do not have a license for Cannabis that the equipment would be on my site and they can instruct my technicians step-by-step

    I was offering $2000 for one hour instruction

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