Five story building imploded imploded in Johannesburg CBD

The five-storey Kaserne Building is longer part of the Johannesburg CBD landscape.The building was imploded today. The City of …


  1. To the DA I applaud every endeavor your party is making in trying to clean up what the government failed to do in 28 years…keep working,keep trying,keep pushing you have my support👊🏿👍🏿

  2. As much as I wanna applaud the destruction of that health hazard, it really doesn’t help building those RDP Houses coz the next thing you know there’ll be shacks,shebeens,spaza shops,street corner barbershops et al…in my humble opinion that just is a waste of resources,I’d instead find means and ways to try to bring back the sparkle that was Jozi CBD.

    Knowing how my people be,I can tell you there’s gon be dumping sites nje nearby from the get go,with refuse collectors still,we are still gonna find means and ways to fill our surroundings with dirt and still make JHB CBD look like a slum…isende le ndlela for us as BLACKS shem.

  3. If they take down all the messed up buildings and build new ones!! How long will they' last?? Then build new ones again? Very cost effective, SA has bottomless pit of money!! Braindead!!

  4. I take it that the person that wrote the headline for this story was educated after the 30% pass rate for matric came into effect?

  5. There really is some sliver lining. Can't believe we were invited for building inspection assessments by City of Joburg. Most of us have been applying relentlessly & not even get "we regret to inform you" email. May we get positive feedback, with all the new projects breaking ground ,it really is promising.

  6. ANC is useless forget dropping a building they failing to provide its citizens with basic necessities such as Water and lights. Bunch of criminals esp the zumas they should demolish his illegal house inkandla

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