Flashpoint Interview: Detroit, industry leaders discuss future of recreational marijuana in city

At long last, the city of Detroit moves forward on recreational marijuana. Does the plan mitigate fights over licenses, or create them …


  1. So clearly Kim possible, didn't glicth , they forgot to back up Thier story along with the hard drives oops.. So if you don't have evidence no crime was commitrd or if a bogus arrest was made.

  2. The law has changed , so if you got African Americans in prison for selling Mary Janes
    Then yeah you have to clear their records before making it legal, so all those prisoners have a right to petion. This how the legal system works. Guess they forgot this when they locked them up and threw away the key. If law changed, so do the puinshment. So stricter laws really, come on man, did they not say years ago that weed was a gateway drug. Guess that was another physiological word mind play.

  3. I believe that if you do not stay inside the Detroit city lines you should not be able to open up a medical marijuana dispensary inside of Detroit I believe you should go to your own neighborhood on city that you live in Dearborn Madison Heights warm Eastpoint Grosse Pointe whatever else but let the people in the city get they money to lot of people be claiming their Detroit and only come here for the fireworks in Christmas

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