Growing Cannabis in a Grow Tent Compared to a Grow Room

Growing Cannabis in a Grow Tent Compared to a Grow Room Professor DeBacco Indoor Growing Area While tents can be quite …


  1. When he says grow tents provide the opportunity for a controlled environment that includes odor control. The ability to create negative pressure and filter the air through a carbon filter is the big advantage of a tent vs. growing in a closet or the corner of a room. The negative pressure is the only way to completely eliminate odor, which for obvious reasons is necessary for many indoor gardeners.

  2. I can only legally grow 4 plants (per household) in my state. I run a 4×2 for vegging and a 4×4 for flowering. At scale i see why using an entire room vs several tents would be ideal. For small (2-4 plants) i would imagine a tent would be the most cost effective way to grow, no?

  3. There will always be an advantage and disadvantage on which type of growing you will choose for your plants. Whatever you choose, I know that you will be okay as long as you have the knowledge and love for your cannabis. And, nice video, by the way.

  4. I'm starting to learn to love both. I have 3 tents and 2 spaces, a 6 x 10 and a 12 x 10. I do like with what you said about isolation and testing. That's why I have extra tents and will continue to have "extras". If you seriously don't have something growing in it, use it for drying your harvest. That's what I use my 2 x 2 x 4 for because of the height limit. I do clones/starters (I call it the "nursery") then when needed, turn it into a drying tent and back into doing clones/starters when the drying is done. You can seriously get 2 – 3 oz out of a 2 x 2 x 4, I did it with a $150 SF-1000 light with 2 plants and even topped one of them too short.

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