Growing Weed In My Closet – Final Harvest and Smoke Reports

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  1. Yeah I can do this..I am just starting out and I am a little hesitant..and I am about to order a tent and start…. But this dude just grew 3 pounds of weed in a cabinet!!!.. that is fucking amazing..this motivates me

  2. how you made your box bro?? is it a stealth one? i must admit i thought i had a green thumb until i've seaw this videos. i'm tying to grow in my room and have bin online looking at stealth grow boxes. must of the afforable ones can only yield 2 oz in 8 – 12 weeks and was hoping i can find a better solution.

  3. Love the super 🍋 lemon haze Great Aroma. Has a very citrus taste very good. Energetic. High. Love SATIVA !!!! I. Wonder if anybody has crossed a lemon haze with sour diesal great. Grow my friend

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