Happy Pet CBD Provides Online Access to Pet Owners for Reducing Animal Anxiety in Advance of Fourth of July Fireworks

MINNEAPOLIS, June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Everyone is looking forward to festivities of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, but for our furry friends the accompanying loud noises and crowds can be terrifying. When a pet isn’t accustomed to disruptions in their environment, fireworks, pool parties and BBQs can cause nervous behavior and even backyard escapes.  To ensure pet wellness this holiday, pet parents can turn to comprehensive online resource, Happy Pet CBD to plan for easing anxiety through their highly curated, premium CBD products from trusted brands like Pet Releaf and Super Snouts. The website is an education-forward, one-stop shop to help pet parents understand the benefits of CBD.

A naturally occurring substance and hemp’s largest component, CBD is widely considered safe for pets. It’s not psychoactive and has been proven effective in aiding various issues, including anxiety, over-excitement, and emotional imbalance. For ease of administering, the site offers products in many forms, such as chews, oils, capsules, and peanut butter. For pets with acute anxiety, CBD can be taken as needed, and if a pet has chronic anxiety, CBD is safe to be given daily.

 “While in many cases the effects of CBD can be noticeable within 30 minutes of administering, we recommend pet parents test the product prior to the Fourth of July weekend. This will ensure the proper dosage and efficacy,” states Brad Kriser, Chief Education Officer for IPP, founders of Happy Pet CBD.

Independent Pet Partners (IPP) operates a nationwide network of independent retail banners. Either online or at the retailers, Happy Pet CBD offers an assortment of dog and cat CBD products with various benefits, including calming, hip and joint, immunity, digestion, supplements and skincare. The site also offers a wellness blog for CBD education. Each product featured goes through rigorous quality-control, and all are members of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), which monitors the health supplement industry to create a safe, fair and responsible ecosystem.

Prior to use, pet parents are encouraged to consult their veterinarian for possible prescription interactions or treatment complications.

For more information: www.happypetcbd.com.

About Independent Pet Partners
IPP is comprised of four brands of independent pet retailers: Chuck & Don’s, Kriser’s, Loyal Companion and Natural Pawz. IPP was founded to bring together a community of experts from nutritionists to groomers to behaviorists dedicated to holistic pet wellness, with everything needed under one virtual and physical roof, including food, supplies and services. In 2019, IPP founded an industry-first registered trademark definition of “pet wellness” to make pet parenting easier to understand and simpler to implement.  The Five Pillars of Pet Wellness® establishes a practical guide for pet families in the care and wellbeing of their pets, which is focused on a model of prevention science, wellness needs and overall happiness, helping pets to thrive and live longer: Nourishment, Play, Comfort, Companionship & Purpose.  For more information, visit ippwellness.com.

SOURCE Independent Pet Partners

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