HARVEST DAY Runtz Buttonz 4×4 Massive Plant, Week 9 Flower!

Probably my best run yet with this strain! Warmer temps (79-81 daytime) definitely helped the yield compared to last time (low 70s) …


  1. I'm always impressed Zeee ! I've got a lot of info and ways to do things from your vids bro ! The vids set a standard and the bar to emulate ! With out your vids chances are i never would of known ! Always look to see if updates are posted !

  2. I need a cut. Loving the gushers. Or just hand me the broken branch through the screen. I bet it smells wild. Other day I got a bow that smelled like acetone. Like wtf

  3. Yooo long time follower (on another account) first time caller. Love your massive plant grows! You share a lot of great insight that a lot of noobs should hear. Thanks!

  4. Looking gorgeous as always. 👍 snowing in June wtf 😳. We’ll it snows year around over there now that I think of it 🤣. Looks tasty bro 🔥 as always. You ever gonna go back and try a organic run. If you do try a earth box bro. You will crush it 👍.

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