How Much Does it REALLY Cost to Start a CBD Oil Business in 2019?

“Do These 7 Things First” Free Guide: One of the most popular questions people ask me when they find out …


  1. Didn’t you have another channel? Chubby was your name? You smoked mad weed with your buddy. I used to watch you guys years ago. Or are you his twin?

  2. I love your content brother! I am hoping you can answer a quick question for me. I know I need a sellers permit to sell Hemp oil online ( currently located in CA) would I need to get a permit for every state that allows hemp sells? Or would I be fine by just getting one permit?

  3. Enjoyed this video. A local CBD retailer in a very good location in a
    city of 2.6 million related to me he has 3 years burn rate liquidity to
    cover his debts. of rent, insurance, employees, commerce costs, advertisement, employee
    theft, and high margins to cover him until he see any profit. imo, CBD
    can be and is very profitable to those that already have a good net
    worth unlike many that are entering the retail market without cash to
    pay for current losses.

  4. I have been googling and researching all over the damn internet about CBD and other Hemp-related products. How does one know what's GOOD and what's just overpriced average stuff? Price can't be the only factor. I mean, seriously. How do you know which company to go with? All of these companies make grand claims and statements. SO many out there. Sighhhhhh…

  5. Is it possible to start a CBD affiliate website or CBD Google news website presently from scratch?

    I know that – to rank for CBD keywords is very tuff currently,

    but is there any way I can start….?

  6. Question: It is very difficult starting out right now without being permitted to advertise on Facebook ads, Google, Instagram, PayPal, or being able to process credit cards, and some cities are seizing your CBD at your store. What do you suggest we do when that happens and your just starting out?
    Honest question. I love your shows/podcast

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