Is Froot Loops getting into the weed game??

Today we discuss “fake” cannabis products, where they come from, what they are and what to stay away from. Stay safe Earthlings …


  1. My neighbor had got some delta 8 gummies similar to the ones you're showing. A few of us all had some and I based what I took off of the mg labled on the package. Our husband's were fine but us ladies all got horribly sick, the worst panic attack, worst 6 hrs spent in the bed and took over a week to mentally bounce back. I mean thought we were dying. The worst experience of my life that I learned the hard way. Never again. It's all fun and games till it's not. Thank you for spreading this information!

  2. They puttin delta 8 on packaging and it’s synthetic 🤦🏻‍♀️ I don’t eat any of them. I haven’t eaten any edibles ever. I stick with the flowers 💐 😉

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