Jordan Peterson Rehab | Dangers of Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

This video answers the questions: What can we learn about the Jordan Peterson rehab situation? Are mental health professionals …


  1. I don't know what he is talking about!!!???
    When i was in rehab ,they gave me 2mgs a day of Clonopin to get me off xanax.. For 8 to 10 days!!! I left 5 days in and had no problem

  2. My son died of Xanax withdrawal. He was addicted to alcohol other things. Was put on Xanax high doses. He became quite addicted to Xanax. Dr took him of the drug and he had a massive seizure and died right in front of me. I miss my child. Dr Peterson has been very helpful with my grief.

  3. I had panic and high anxiety. I was put on benzodiazopines. As it turned out I had multinodular hyperthyroidism. I'm still have trouble getting off benzodiazopines even though I'm getting treated for hyperthyroidism with tapazole and atenolol.

  4. Most accessible medical providers will absolutely positively yank any scheduled Med they over prescribed for decades for money. That’s why there’s an “opioid crisis” – MDs who prescribed it like it was M&Ms because those poor silly stupid uneducated MDs were fooled by 23 year old pharma reps telling them such impossibilities like this narcotic is miraculously not addicting like all of them are. The entire country’s MDs and their unqualified pathetic sidekicks understand their jobs to be literal medical malpractice by rule. They will cut off any Med anytime no matter what or why or anything else.

    The medical industry is a goddamned sin and a nightmare of epic proportions. If people had any clue how much is suppressed to keep these cocksuckers employed and protected and wealthy they would have them ALL for breakfast. Literally they would be consumed by society. There is no need for any accessible medical “professionals.” They cause a million times the harm versus help. It’s atrocious.

    If the above is a shock to you, you are lucky you haven’t experienced this reality yet. But you will or someone you love will and then you will realize you lived in denial rather than accept something that challenged your identity or worldview or belief system or whatever you want to call it.

    This country exists in a fantasy land of denial. We refuse to acknowledge any facts that we don’t like. We don’t like knowing that MDs aren’t qualified to work the fry line at McD’s. That’s not lie either. These bastards kill more people every year than gun violence does. There is no excuse for their performance nor the ongoing coverups. A Dr can destroy your life and there’s NOTHING YOU WILL HE ABLE TO DO ABOUT IT. NOTHING. AND THE BIARD OF MEDICINE AND LOCAL MALPRACTICE ATTORNEYS WILL ALL STABD IN YOUR WAY AND SELL YOU OUT TO THE BUTCHER WHO DESTROYED YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE. ITS FAR EASIER TO SELL YOU AND YOUR CASE TO THE OFFENDING OHYSICIAN THAN IT IS TO ACTUALL TO THE JOB OF AN ATTORNEY. THE ENTIRE SYSTEM IN MY STATE IS BLATANTLY CORRUPT, BLATANTLY FRAUDULENT FROM TOP TO BOTTOM AND IN DESPERATE NEED OF RICO PROSECUTION. I WISH ANY AMOUNT OF WHAT IVE SAID IS NOT 100% TRUE AND ACCURATE. UNFORTUNATELY IT IS. ANDBITS ONYL GOING TO GET WORSE UNTIL WE ALLOW 100 – 10000 year old medicine to take over and replace the fraud that is western medicine. Every second that passed without destroying the current system is anothe second in which lives are needless lost and pain and Al sacrifice needlessly endured. But never the MDs…the don’t sacrifice a thing except our health and our lives. Again, I hope this shocks you but don’t for a second think it won’t be you in the blink of an eye.

  5. I started Valium in 74 qualewds 77 then prescribed Xanax 81 clonapin 86 . My insurance only allowed me 5 days detox . In and out of detox from withdrawals dozens of times. I finally stopped in 2020. I detox with phenobarbital for 3 weeks a horror show. I’m so grateful that I can b sober today at 68

  6. I was on klonopin for 23 years for my anxiety and depression, my doctor took me off of them back in 2019 because I'm in recovery for other drugs and alcohol. I'm now clean and sober for 2 years but I still have debilitating anxiety. And I'm thinking about going back on klonopin.

  7. I’ve never found anything that I’ve used build such a fast tolerance than benzos, I don’t know how people can take them every day and they work. Shouldn’t they just be a short-term solution?

  8. British physicians and US physicians have a COMPLETELY different approach to weaning patients off of benzos. I am often AMAZED at the lack of knowledge many US physicians have of the methods used in the UK. Many are not even aware that seizures and other serious side effects are even rather common side effects of a cold turkey approach to benzo cessation. BTW, a couple of these were head physicians at large in patient rehab facilities.

  9. Good thread, thanks to all. I have one question, Im on Clonazepam for about 2 years, there was time when I was mixing it with strong alcohol, to make things worse I would consume all tablets in one day and tommorow I would not remember where this medication gone, total blackout with abnormal behaviour. Now there are days I dont use it at all and I dont feel anything bad. My question, is this a sign that i can do a cold turkey without that horrible experiences that you are describing here?

  10. Clonazepam and Xanax sent me to prison several times and I even remember how I got there really they would totally turn me into a kleptomaniac I was on capable of stock do I stop and stealing everything insight usually things I didn't really need and I have to go like take it back to my friend sneak it back into their house and hopefully they didn't realize I still do well and I'll just and don't remember the only way I'd ever suggest anybody ever take these drugs it's with some acid LSD and benzodiazepines mixed together our wonderful but not by himself then just has a penis have thrown millions of people into a state of conscious way end up in jail stealing killing gambling cheating on their wives literally and ruined many more lives than they've ever helped psychiatrist are twisted f**** assholes who experiment on people for years now they finally got the Nero networks all mapped out so conveniently if they don't like drugs then don't take them you can't s*** from the public anymore we know what's going on if you're so against drugs through legislation on innocent victims that are trying to self medicate themselves usually with plants and end up taking extractions that are millions of times stronger than anything God ever made and those drugs are legal but the ones that come from plants illegal how convenient as Lab rats

  11. I have cataract surgery march2 2022 now i have many problems of my vission i have anxiety again never stop bec im scared of my left eye i take rivotril 13 years 15 years old to 28 years old now im 41 yrsold im strokle also oct 13 2021 pls help me idont know what to do pls help🙏🙏🙏

  12. I'm sorry… Your a doctor yet you believe that heightened anxiety is and a peak of two weeks is the worst these drugs have to offer… This is why so many don't trust doctors, I'm at 136 symptoms and counting, from muscles, neurological, perception issues,sensory and motor dysfunctions, hair lose and texture changes, out of body sensations, visual disturbances, internal shaking and discomfort, burning skin, seeing flashing lights when my eyes are closed,Akathesia and that's just to start… You think anxiety is the worst of this? Not to mention I'm still bed bound going on 3 years, I'm also not the exception I'm the average. Get your facts straight please.

  13. Well done. Very true. Only misfortune is there are still many prescribers who either don't care or are clueless about the dangers of these drugs.

  14. They cut me off sudenly from 6mg Xanax/day, i was honest with doctors 100%. Hell on earth, epileptic attacks,….now i am tappering slowly with Clonazepam. After years down to 3.5mg Clonazepam and feeling great. 1mg Xanax = 1mg Clonazepam

  15. I'm going thru hell, seeing doctor after doctor. All neurological insanity. I was on benzo's for 35 years, daily! You don't want to know what I'm dealing with. Horrific..

  16. starting cold turkey because it didn't show up in a urine test despite the fact that I had taken it earlier that day. Never abused it or taken it outside of how it's prescribed. Apparently this happens a lot based on a google search. However both doctors I saw were not willing to prescribe it based of the fact that it didn't show up in my urine test. I insisted another drug test be taken but was ignored. Forced to quit cold turkey after taking 2mg once a night for sleep for nearly 3 years. I feel absolutely awful on day one… The pressure I feel in my brain is horrible. Complete insomnia last night because of full body jerking motions right as I'm about to fall asleep. I am not expecting to make it through if things are this bad on the first day.

  17. Hi I am from the UK and was put on diazepam in August 2016 for a neck injury I was not aware of the affects of this drug I was told It would relax my neck muscles and was prescribed it at 6mg 3x a day this went on for 6 months.
    I came off the drug after my prescription ended and I entered a world of hell, first my doctor thought I had MS I did not then he said I have anxiety, at this point I had muscle twitches cramps I now have tinnitus severe headaches for weeks blurred vision speech problems words weren't coming out right my vision was like a camera lense zooming in and out severe panick attacks high pulse racing to almost 200bpm brain fog confusion flid in my ears I lost a lot of weight the fear waking me early hours shaking, so my doctor put me back on them for anxiety still I did not know it was tge drug or I would have stuck it out… almost 6 years on and I am now on 26mg a day due to tolerance and I have entered tolerance again I am with a different doctor as I did my own research and realised it was the drug causing my problems and now I am in trouble im struggling with so many health issues gastro eyesight memory anxiety agoraphobia I can not be increased and now after all this time I do not know where to turn as we do not have facilities like the US no benzowise doctors or doctors who just want to get you off in days, this drug has taken everything from me my job my identity I have lost everything and I'm so traumatised I do not know what to do the last time I tried to withdraw just 1/4 of a mg my eye stopped moving I was seeing double, we have no help and have never been so scared in my life, if only I knew back in 2016 but I didn't and now I feel there is no Hope for me

  18. Contemplated quitting by tapering off. I took my last 1 mg dose 5 days ago. I’m ok right now. But 2.5 days after not taking Clonazapam I had a major panic attack. I thought I was having a heart attack. Almost called an ambulance (I live alone) I didn’t sleep at all couldn’t move. Paralyzed by fear. Went to work. Felt like 💩 the whole day. Guy on next shift has been thru opiate withdrawals and has taken clonazapam as well said the only way is to go Cold turkey. I looked at him disappointedly and left work. That day I had an appointment with dr for med check. I stopped by my parents and I started freaking out, not wanting to even go to the dr. , because I wanted to stop taking this drug. My mom drove me to appointment. I fought with her telling her I didn’t want to go and to stop forcing pills down my throat. She wanted me to be safe, I know, but she never took these pills or been thru withdrawal. I went to dr I didn’t tell them what was going on. I faked my way, everything fine, and got prescriptions and left. So now, mom thinks I’m going to take these? He’ll no! Im sick of clonazapam and I’m drinking beer instead. Doing breathing exercises and thinking of things that make me happy. Im still getting the hot/cold sweats and tightness in chest. Just my experience. I’ve been taking .5 to 1 mg 2 -3 x a day for over 10 years. I’m faching done.

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