1. The thing is about citing sources: if they do it when it's easy, they'll get questions when they dont cite sources when there aren't any. I fully suspect that's why mlm reps chose to not cite sources all together

  2. I have been loving your hair colors, too, Erin! Thank you for sharing your go-to product! I just ordered Rose Gold & Purple! LOL! 🙂

  3. OMG. I saw an earlier video that the demonstrator used vanilla pudding…but THIS chocolate demo takes it to a whole other level. YIKES!

  4. so wait hold on, oil isn't a fluid??? the lady who was talking (bless her heart i seriously just want to hug her) stated that the oil isn't fluid but their cbd stuff is??? aren't they both fluid or did i just miss school the day that they stated that oil wasn't a fluid???

  5. If it could get rid of inflammation everyone would be buying it. This is a health claim for sure and is not accurate and is totally false and makes me so mad. People hearing that it could decrease inflammation is a grab for people that are suffering “chronically” I feel like. 😡😡

  6. This is one of the reasons I left network marketing!!! Health claims should only be made by professionals! As a nurse practitioner, the information they are putting out can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to certain people with certain conditions. So shameful!!!! I honestly get so mad watching any reps blathering on about health information without any type of background!!!! So scary!!!

  7. Hey I know we talked about these 3 products that cost nearly $300 together but, don’t forget about all our other products you should buy also because you need them. 🤦🏼‍♀️ We really need to make sure if you get an actual check that you are putting it right back into the company 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. Would it kill them to say "check with your doctor" or "make sure this is okay for you to take if you have certain conditions or are on any medications" ? Will that hurt their sales?? I don't think so 🤦‍♀️

  9. My landlord is responsible for fixing issues that arise, such as water leaks, but I'm responsible for maintaining equipment and reporting issues. If I let something leak and sit for days, yes, I'm responsible!

  10. As a former teacher, I'd be willing to bet that even just selling these products to students is against his employer's code of ethics, let alone recruiting them…

  11. When I first heard them say how the word tranont was French and meant whatever I thought it was bs because I’m French and I’ve never heard that… I checked and I got nothing on google soooo😅

  12. Licensed naturopathic doctor here, in order for proteolytic enzymes to be used for “inflammation” you need to dose them away from meals, or else they’ll just act as digestive enzymes. In which case you’d definitely be taking too many digestive enzymes if you’re taking the optimize product with the digestive enzymes. Also, since you’re taking the proteolytic enzymes away from meals, it won’t be the same as the free enzymes we make ourselves since there are physiological cues surrounding eating that lead us to secrete those. This is NOT medical advice, especially NOT to help people take MLM products correctly lmao, just wanted to add some mechanism of action to the madness since this is my area of expertise.

  13. Thank you for mentioning the dogs. Some people shouldn’t own dogs. They’re like another kid. We had to wait years to get a dog until we had a little more time to give the attention and training a dog deserves.

  14. I am assuming they do the digestive issues percentage part due to many people having issues digesting lactose since if you look up who should be recommended to take digestive enzymes is those who are lactose intolerant and those who have pancreatic insufficiency. As always talk to your doctor, you produce these on your own just like supplements if you have too much you just pass it out of your body. You will be just spending money for nothing.

  15. I like how this guy is supposed to be teaching but when he listed what the enzymes broke down and he asked folks to list whatever he missed in the comments. Who's leading this training?!

  16. And again, as a former MT, that pudding demo being digested by the powder was simply disgusting 🤮. I worked on patient specimens that looked eerily similar 🤣🧫🥼

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