1. I would like to say to anyone thinking about trying medical marijuana, or any herb or supplement, always talk with your doctor first. Because every individual is different, so what might be good for some people could possibly be bad for others. Just be safe.

  2. If don't need a doctor , they put out crap like this. Is disinformation. Msg can cause heart, low potassium stress. But don't you dare do pot. This is big pharma.

  3. Maybe if the medical industry stopped being shills for the food industry which poisons us daily with highly processed seed oils and high fructose corn syrup, which is the cause of most of these heart problems to begin with, just maybe I could trust their advice on plants that have documented safe use for thousands of years.

  4. Marijuana is not for everyone.
    But I've been using it and observing its effects on me.
    So I would like to say that marijuana is the most interactive and medical plants.
    If you want to see the marijuana user in a room full of people, look for the guy that is smiling and having a good time.

  5. So in the year 2021 we still don't have detailed medical information on the positive and negative science of weed ? In 2021 ? Yeah Right !

  6. I think everyone should see this comment. I used to be the biggest stoner!!!! Like I’m taking a ounce every week. Then this one day man, I was drinking a beer and smoking how I usually do then out of no where my heart literally started beating fast as fck. And it wasn’t like a skip, it was literally beating extremely fast like I just ran a lap. I was just standing in my living room and my heart just started racing. It felt like my heart was going to stop. I never had a bad trip, I know how to handle my marijuana and alcohol I’ve been doing it for 9+ years. The heart racing would not stop it felt like I was going to collapse, I had to call an ambulance because I literally didn’t know what was happening to my heart in all my years smoking weed this had never happened. By the time I got to the doctors my heart had kind of went back to normal and I stopped feeling faint. It went on for 30mins! My heart racing for 30 mins straight. Once I got home I was literally scared to smoke again but I tried it anyway and sure enough my heart started racing again bro. Taking way longer to stop beating so fast this time. It went on for I’ll say 45 mins of constant rapid heart beating. At this point I knew I had to quit smoking because the feeling is unbearable. 5 days went by after the second heart racing, so my brother asked if I wanted to smoke and I said no bro like it messes with my heart, he kept asking so I took LITERALLY ONE hit & instantly my heart started racing & it wouldn’t stop. It literally feels like you’re about to drop dead and this was in December 2020. I have never smoked again. It scarred me for life. I will never smoke marijuana again & you guys have to understand how crazy this sounds coming from me. I used to smoke heavy amounts everyday then one day this happened. Idk what’s going on. why is my heart racing every single time I smoke weed? What is happening?

  7. Sorry guys, I have to agree there are some adverse effects with marijuana, based on my experiences (everyone is different)

    I have been smoking marijuana and consuming marijuana (edibles and oil based) , on and off for the past 6 months. I have noticed I have had more random heart palpitations (irregular heartbeats) since I started. Sometimes I get a random throbbing pain in my head from the edibles/tincture form of weed.

    I usually smoke before the gym because marijuana gives me so much energy and makes me feel great during my workout, I feel my muscles as I work them. But sometimes if I smoke or consume too much, (it’s hard to know your limit) I have on occasion had panic attacks where I couldn’t bring my heart rate down so I had to go running or to the gym to trick my body and nervous system into thinking I was working out. If you’re reading this, please listen, if you ever feel you have an uncontrollable elevated heart rate you need to go for a run go to the gym, be around people so you calm yourself down you need to control your breathing, breath deeply. You can also lay on the ground and cough on the left side and right side, laying on the ground on face front on your bed will allow to do a deep cough, and get in more oxygen.

    You also need to drink a lot of water, Marijuana is similar to caffeine in that it makes you lose water, water helps oxygen get around the body so your heart wouldn’t have to beat as hard, therefore bringing your heart rate down.

    I usually smoke using a heir waterpipe, so I don’t inhale the carbon monoxide.

    If you also smoke before the gym, I have noticed that caffeine pills (I’d recommend Elite Caffine and L-Theanine) also get me energised before the gym, so I would recommend that instead of smoking.

  8. Without cannabis, science probably wouldn't have discovered the endocannabinoid system in mammals.

    The reason so much has remained unknown is due to prohibitive laws that limit access for scientific study.

    Cannabis isn't the only thing that has fallen subject to limited inquiry due to prohibited status. It's pretty foolish how we hobble ourselves like this to promote methods that are proven to mitigate very little.

  9. I have cardiomyopathy with a pacemaker defibrillator and I vape concentrate everyday. It lowers my blood pressure as good as medication. I experimented with my blood pressure monitor. Especially high blood pressure migraines can go away in just 2 hits and blood pressure goes down to normal.

  10. I know you’re here because of a panic attack but let me just tell you this…its going to be ok. You’ll wake up the next day saying oh my god why was I tripping so much and you’ll smoke again🤣 just try to relax drink water

  11. Hi. Ive been smoking weed for 10 year and everything has been okay…And one day i smoked a joint as always.. After 5 minutes the back of the head felt like someone puched it , my heart rate went 140 bpm and my blood pressure went crazy 160/120 and my legs would not stop shaking. It really felt like i was going to die. PLS Help with some advice on what happened… I stopped for some days than i tried a to smoke just a little , same thing happened heart rate 140bmp and blood pressure like 150/110. Ive stopped for 7 months now but i really miss smoking.

  12. One common answer "we just don't have a lot of research data". What does that mean? Why is there a lot of research data on everything but Marijuana?!

  13. Of course it can create heart problems in some people, not everyone is the same, don’t joke about it, just because you don’t get any heart issues from using it, there are some individuals who have had heart problems from using it.

  14. "There's not a lot known"??? How, marijuana been around forever and the good properties of the plant outweigh the bad greatly. Definitely not as bad as smoking cigarettes b or drinking alcohol, divert from the generations of programming, marijuana is a gift from your planet, enjoy it.

  15. Fake news. I've smoked every day lots for 50 years i don't go to doctors and im as healthy as one can be. Western medicine is big business and no money in healthy people its why they drug you with poison

  16. I went 3 weeks cold turkey after smoking weed for almost 3 three years and I had a serious heart rate increase when I got high again, my gf was scared for me cause I couldn’t get my heart rate to lower & I kept twitching! Now I’m fucking afraid to smoke again! 😓

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