1. Even if a child dies and a doctor said it's because of the marijuana, I think marijuana users will defend with their life that it could not be start talking about other medications in their side effect (deflecting) . I'm glad myself and my wife never needed this stuff to cope with life. And my wife has severe anxieties, but there are definitely a lot of healthier avenues to cope with stress /anxieties.

  2. Hahaha this is so BS, as if this is a neutral point of view. Doctors feel comfortable to describe you medication during pregnancy and even advice to keep smoking cigarettes. We now are allowed to drink 200ml coffee during pregnancy and how many women have heard from their doctors that a sip of wine won’t hurt the babe. What we need is transparency and real studies, this is not helpful:(((((((((

  3. Literally who could take you seriously if you don’t know the real name of the plant and choose to use a term with roots in racism, smh.

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