Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel invades Spain

A large police operation in Spain revealed another well-funded attempt by Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel to infiltrate the European …


  1. They don’t invade! They are invited to come. Immigration knows, cash money will flow and make it easy for some locals if not the government will benefit. In Toronto, Canada, they have been invited too, under the shadow of NAFTA. The government even declare Toronto as a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, so to protect them from persecution. In this way they can operate freely. They are settling down. Maybe some locals want to make cash, or to eliminate other mafias that legally the country cannot get rid off. But if we see that laws make them easy to come, laws protect them from persecution for being illegally, then we know who obviously is behind and clearly they have been invited.

  2. Of course they're going to Spain, it's much nicer than Columbia and they speak Spanish. Surprised they didn't do it long ago. British crims have been hiding in Spain for decades.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if this has some kind of a nationalistic influence whereas cartels feel like they’re enacting revenge onto Spain for their conquest of Mexico. Seems like a good revenge plot to an action movie.

  4. The cartel has been set up camp in Europe, they get their guns and weapons from Europe and u.s. Theyre there paying their taxes to the Italians and in turn the Italians give them guns and weapons.

  5. It’s true that once the cartels enter you’re country there’s nothing you can do. In my country right now it’s went from peaceful to everyone is getting extorted lol

  6. Lmao this dude thinks Sinaloa Cartel wasn't already in Spain when they already are in 54 countries have actually connections with triadas in China

  7. You dont see ferraris in the car collection because you cant lease a Ferrari like you can lambo rolls Royce BMW etc. All the cars you saw are leased. Plus you cant just buy a Ferrari unless you already a client of Ferrari or have to follow Ferraris buying process in order to become a Ferrari owner. So it's harder to buy and own a Ferrari even with legal money. That's why real wealthy people love to collect ferraris cause it means you really have money. Not just lease or car note money

  8. Not sure if you're going to even read this, but I thought I'd pass this on to you:
    Mexican organized crime stole 20 shipping containers filled with gold and silver in brazen 10-hour heist.
    Perhaps, food for thought, in a future episode.
    All the best!

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