1. Now start recruiting all the derelicts like Colorado did and fill your state with scumbag drug addicted losers who are capable of nothing but consuming and paying their rent.

  2. It’s bullshit that employers can still fire your for failing a drug test !!! It’s legal !!!! Why can I drink whiskey or beer every fucking day and be considered normal but if I spark up a blunt I’m an undesirable employee? Fucking bullshit !!!!

  3. Although using pot has done so much good medicinally, i look forward to all the product that can be made with hemp. I hope to see more jobs because of this.

  4. Now the price of the weed will sky rocket 🚀
    Hello taxes and fees and more taxes .
    Quality will go down immensely .
    Great growers will be weeded out by massive ops with poor quality meds in fancy packaging .
    Got medical well to bad now your paying taxes also and strengths for meds will go down also .

  5. Everyone remember to support ORGANIC cannabis sources, and Boycott all the industrial cannabis! Most cannabis is now grown with Poisons like PGR's and Eagle20. These things are HORRIBLE for the human body. The big growers don't care, they are just seeking to turn a profit, so make sure you all seek out PURE sources for your cannabis! Organic will always be the best. Most these shops carry cannabis grown with Eagle20 and PGRs, so be careful! IF you give a shit about your health!


  7. Don't forget that MI will experience an influx of tourism by people from other parts of the US and World who will spend more money not just on cannabis but you name it the demand for business will increase. This will produce more than just tax revenue and sales income from mj.

  8. If you look at the asinine regulations on to soon-to-be Big Brother regulated pot, you take that's it is still very important for people to disregard the overbearing laws concerning the personal manufacture and consumption.

  9. youre a fuckin idiot its already medical and is becoming recreational that being said people already have medical cannabis licences. therefore the drivers licence is all you will need when recreational no different than alchohol…

  10. Being legal is great but when will people like me be able to smoke again without the worry of a random drug test costing me my carer. I have a class a licence will D O T ever remove from testing. i live in California.

  11. It's going to take years and years to refine the laws. Recreational marijuana is now legal……but you cant purchase it, and you can only smoke at home. Ummmm then what the fuck is changing? It seems like stoners will be doing what they've been doing since the beginning, and that's hide inside or in the woods.

  12. Cop out excuse just to use it brain dead idiots if they had brains and didn't use it they would be better off ,but their brains are fried. They are listening to the wrong person

  13. why are there so many stupid barriers for marijuana. From the looks of it.. they dind't 'really' legalized recreational marijuana… It seems they just put on paper it's OK to consume it… when in fact you get arrested for possession.

  14. If you smoke at home on your days off from work shouldn't matter, they need to have a scale like with alcohol to measure when you smoked it like with in hours or days like the breath test works for alcohol.

  15. When they pass lobbyist driven corporate tax cuts they go into effect virtually immediately after. Majority votes for something in the state and they tell the people “2020” which means before it ever gets instated we intend to change it during that election.

  16. We FINALLY cut our losses fighting a losing battle, we can't get back all the money lost and nonviolent people who spent money and time in jail but we can now finally better save our resources and have much more tax revenue for schools and roads that needed our help. Far more good than bad making cannabis legal, and if your still upset that it is legal now… Why don't you spend your energy fighting a worse substance in alcohol and Pharmaceuticals opioids and antidepressants first.

  17. So normal folks cannot cop a bud until they organize more legislation ? Like till 2020? Dicktease Haha Haha still though woop!! Almost therrr . cheers Buds!

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