More teens "Hospitalized from vaping"

VapeNews #vaping #news More teens “Hospitalized from vaping” is all over the internet and there are a lot of articles saying …


  1. the quality on this video is amazing! what kind of camera do you use? I saw your video from the facebook group! I would love for you to check me out too!

  2. This is a fantastic vid bro. Well done.
    However I don’t want to undermine the seriousness but I did lol twice… when you said “you are an idiot” and “you wouldn’t get hold of asbestos and Vape it” … sorry should not laugh but that did make me
    Anyway well done and keep up the good work 👍🏼😎

  3. These articles wind me up!
    What ever you do in life even being in a diet ain't 100% safe but if they wanna vape fake shit then crack on. In England vaping is so so much healthier than smoking. When my Mrs had midwife she try me on a machine to see how much shit I had in my lungs it was on number 16 out of 25! 4 weeks of vaping with no cigarette I was on 0? That proves everything!
    Also loads of people die everyday from smoking but they still sell cigarettes?? Sorry for the rant! Just winds me up when people mis use products then try make other people that are using it correctly suffer for it. Hope your well bro

  4. Been buying nic salts off eBay Uk last few months, all proper branded stuff (as far as I can tell?), is buying eliquid off eBay dodgy? Guessing they are mainly Uk vape shops selling on eBay anyway?

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