Multiple Sclerosis and Stress: CBD gummies!

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  1. CBD isolate in gummies alone are okay. I prefer full spectrum (you get all the benefits of other trace cannabinoids and terpines) gummies or raw flower smoked(fastest most efficient absorbency into your system) mixed with a little mullen to make it smooth. Got my certificates through Green Flower in cannabis fundamentals and patient care. Excuse the MS type. Lol

  2. Hey seb just two questions for you. Do you do intermittent Fasting and also do you take creatine ? They are both proven to slow down the progression of MS and also creatine helps re-emylination

  3. Thank you again and again, Dear Sebastian, it is not option for me (is very complicated), but your videos is very helps me not to feel alone in my sad condition! So, thank you very much, and please continue to talk with us and to shared with us your experience and knowledge !!!

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