N.J. lawmakers face "razor thin" vote on recreational marijuana

New Jersey lawmakers are due to vote Monday on a bill to legalize recreational marijuana. The measure needs to pass both …


  1. But they still provide pain killers and anti depressants that are real life gate way drugs, people barely survive 10 years of pharmaceutical drugs, I know people that have been smoking for 40+ years and more sane than alot of the sober people

  2. Jay Taylor obviously never smoked weed so he shouldn’t have a opinion in fact most of these people saying no never smoked weed. And to say your nervous that it might get into the hands of children is ridiculous because it already is and also not to mention they have much worse already like tobacco and alcohol

  3. The problems is our law makers are scumbags who don't serve this country. I've been in 3 armed conflicts for this country, and have had 20 operations in the past 50 years because of Vietnam. I've also had 10 other operations, because God just likes to crap on some of us. I'm also a NJ Medical Marijuana card holder, and this program costs me over $12,000 a year out of pocket. Now if I took the opiods, from the big drug companies who our politicians seem to be working for. So what about the people who have a medical problem, but works for Mickey D's? They can afford this program. But are overpaid law makers couldn't care less. We need to fire all these scumbags!

  4. The "Gateway Drug Theory" is false and has been debunked time and time again! Legalize it Tax it REGULATE the substance and like Alcohol or tobacco products aged appropriate! But to those towns you are intitled to ban it just like cities in California's vapor bane you have that option!

  5. legalize recreational in all 50 states 21 and older… ADULTS have the right to choose!!! the stigma around cannabis is wrong!!! cannabis is a good thing… and healthier than tobacco and alcohol.

  6. It's not about social justice, medical for those who need it or about what the citizenry wants (over 60% favor). It is about $, power and connections. Gov and Legislature wants $. Governor wants $ and Control over MJ. The connections want $ that come with the unreasonable regulations. Pharmaceuticals want the status quo. So both have reached a deal but the good old boys club has to provide cover for the legislators who are on the fence or opposed so no vote is taken. For or against, the Legislature owes the public a vote so we can determine who we want to support in the coming elections in Nov. Take a vote and take a stand. The voters can then make their approval or disapproval known at the polls. The point of having a Legislature is so bills can be debated and votes taken. Not to debate and only vote if the outcome is known. Why are they there?

  7. I am not for marijuana…..
    if we make it legal it should be through a referendum…
    and it should be taxed at 100%
    For example if an once is $100.00 then you pay total of $200.00 with the taxes ….

  8. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

  9. Wv passed Medical MJ in 2016
    Hwvr the Legislature has put it up for a vote every year since Attempting to get it struck down .
    These attempts have failed .
    I do believe by Law they had 180 days to start the Program.
    The Fact the Program still has No start in sight does equate to
    Unlawfullness by Gov Jim Justice ,
    ATG and the Legislature as ALL
    Oath Breakers .
    FL passed theirs & had it running w in
    (180days a timely Lawful fashion)
    Oh Wv says they Have to Study where to put Distribution hubs well to that I say it's been 3 yrs .
    They 1st said the 1st location w be in Huntington .
    To that None have ever been opened ; it is Clear they Choose to ignore the Rule of Law here .
    This Violated Contract Law & the General Welfare Clause .
    What Do you Do when a State Acts Unlawfully and the ATG is also
    In Collusion?
    Where is the "Common Law" Remedy?
    For the Record the True Superiority of Law goes Natural Law then Common (Parliamentary Law) then into Oligarchy Bar Law .
    Bar Law is simply a mechanism to convert Real Law into a form where they May Legislate away freedoms and Rights .
    Just look at Colorado trying to
    Legislate the 2nd amendment ; what part of Inalienable & shall not be infringed upon do they not get?
    I don't need a firearm per say myself Hwvr it's my Right to choose .
    Unless convicted of a violent crime w a weapon then it's a Giant
    Do Not Touch .
    In the Early days of this Country the Courts Said this to be true but those were Common Law Courts where the US Constitution was Fully upheld .
    I'll sum it up Contributing towards Bloodshed is against The Natural Law and personal Sovereignty.
    If I'm Sovereign then I should Never Act to Harm another .
    Under Natural Law one cannot indemnify away Liability either .
    So we are Accountable Personally and Civilly Independantly.
    This is In Line w the Declaration of Independant in Common Law as Well .
    Good for you NJ ; Tis a Gr8t step towards Freedom and Democracy .
    Now Learn Real Law !
    Wake up Peeps and Learn true American History esp Our Lawful structure under the Common Law .
    BAR Law should Clearly be Rid of as its a Communist Construct by
    Vatican Design .
    Just ask Constitutional Law Lawyers . Heck ask a History teacher that's Not brainwashed .
    Why we're Most Law books destroyed Nationwide in 1865-1871
    Why were most Court houses burned and esp Prop Deed Books ?
    Conversion of Patent deeds to deeds in essence …Oh they Own your Property Now .
    Read up on Trilateral Commission stealing Rev War Bond lands too .
    Oh ya know we can't have the
    Common Law books around .
    If you call yourself an American then will you Stand For Freedom ?
    My thanks to Berkeley & Yale for
    Digitizing So many records .
    Most Can now be found in White Paper format : Proving the
    Grand Conspiracy as Conspiracy Facts .
    Wake up – You are Not Free !
    Write you Legislature and do show for County Meetings or it will
    Continue to get worse .
    Ps dig & Learn what CAFR reports are and CRIS .
    Whoms Fund discretion w CAFR?
    Why is the Public funding all BAR lawyers 401k's ='s CRIS ?
    Who Really Owns the controlling interests of Nearly all fortune 500-1000 companies through CAFR ?
    This CAFR relationship is why Prescription drugs and Medical treatment is So expensive .
    They say collectively there's enough funds in CAFR to fully pay off the National Debt too .
    Oh the National Debt is a Scam
    Via the Vatican as well via paper banking trails.
    Have Americans Forgotten too much of their History ? Yes !
    Peace #StayPeacefulStayLawful

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