New Sleep Apnea Solution?

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Sid Solomon shares an alternative to the common CPAP machine that is prescribed to millions of Americans …


  1. I like nose pillows, most comfortable. Way less pressure on the straps almost nothing compared to the hideous mask. My pressure is 14.

  2. I have be dealing with herpes for the past years until i got review online about Dr Osaoji people testifies how they got cured with his herbal medicine and i order the treatment, after taking it for few weeks i totally got cured permanently and the doctor confirmed it

  3. It is mind boggling to me that 50% of people cannot stick to the machine that can make them sleep well, are they nuts? Sure, it's a hassle BUT YOU CAN SLEEP

  4. Some nights I just can't breathe and I can't even move and when I can finally move my hands or legs then I can breathe again……….It really sucks and I don't know what it is….

  5. Complications of radio frequency ablation: Thirteen studies reported complications rates. Two tongue abcesses progressed to airway obstruction requiring tracheotomy. All soft palate ulcers and fistula healed without incident. Tongue base radio frequency ablation may carry a higher risk of serious complications.

  6. So getting proper healthcare depends on what insurance we are able to afford or are employer provides. What’s wrong with that sentence? Shouldn’t health come before wealth and profits? We are so backwards.

  7. being obesity is false info I know guy skinny as tooth pick and he has sleep apnea he said its due to the his airway is made up or something like that so you can throw that obesity thing out the window because we know most of America is obesity. These docs just trying to get their piece of cut from these sleep apnea providers/equipment. Also I went to an ear and mouth and throat doctor and he said losing weight will not do anything in my case and also surgery and also told me to just use the mask is my best bet! smh what kind of bull crap are doctors doing this days!

  8. It is my greatest joy that I discovered about dr Madida whom by his herbalist service cured my herpes virus and candidiasis with his herbal medicine.

  9. I’m 31yo. I’ve been using my CPAP for 7 years. I’m done with it. It doesn’t cure it. It only slightly improves. I am going to seek treatment one more time with hopes they prescribe surgery. If not, I am going to give up. In the US, we don’t cure illness, we treat illness. Because we are all about money. Not curing people.

  10. For about the past 3 nights I’ve been waking up with headaches in the middle of the night and my mouth be dry. Any pointers or know the reason for this? Thanks in advance.

  11. VIVOS appliances may be a better long term solution since it addresses the root cause of a high and narrow palette that some people like myself has, though I am thin and in excellent physical condition. I'm going through this now but the jury is still out for me as to whether it will resolve my sleep apnea problems.

  12. All the people around him must suffer from neck problems….They nod when he nods They nod when he is talking The one gal must never have seen a mouth guard before…The EMI……Jaw slaps the ground – Someone call the over-actors academy We have a winner !

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