Newfoundland makes history with first sale of legal recreational marijuana in Canada

On Wednesday, at the stroke of midnight, Newfoundland became the first province to sell recreational marijuana legally at a store …


  1. This magical plant should never have been made illegal anywhere on our beautiful planet!?! People if there is a god he or she put it here for us all to use?! Tobacco should be illegal absolutely everywhere!?! All tobacco causes is horrible diseases that end up killing its users whilst marijuana actually gives the user a buzz and has lots of other uses!?! It’s absolutely crazy that this magical plant is still illegal nearly everywhere on our beautiful planet!?!

  2. This is not legalization, this is Monopolization/Prohibition 2.0, We went from 8 laws on the books to 45 laws, regulations that are suffocating and nonsensical. Treating it like alcohol is outright insanity. Letting the government run this, well if its like the pipelines, then this should be corrupt and disfunctional in no time, and is starting to show already. When Bill Blair was asked a few weeks ago about existing dispensaries and the legality of those business, his response was " On October 17 is when we will start to arrest those people" Think about that for a second, "when its legal we will start arrests". Yah legalization my a** selfies, socks and a head full of rocks

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