1. "Truth hurts" same sex,cannibus,gambing,conceal weapons,liquor,cigarettes etcetera..Americans home of the brave legalize prostitution is next..
    There's some hoes in this house!

  2. Mrs. Hutchinson, You are quite brilliant. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Today we end prohibition and tomorrow we start an industry. You say it so well. Make America Great. 🙂

  3. many people that need medical marijuana are on fixed incomes…it is very important that the price of the product and the taxes remain low…if the prices are too high…people will buy from the black market…the success of the system is dependent on the greed of the state…keep prices low and people will buy 2 instead of one and the state will raise more money…if the greedy get in there…people will not buy any from legit sources….no tax revenue….the more free market that the state plays the more successful will be the industry…and the prices will be cheaper for me….and you…tell the lawmakers in illinois that the more potent stuff should be taxed at a flat rate the same as the less potent…it is just a sign of greed and i'm sure no one will leave the state and buy it from the less greedy states…monkey…bottle…apple…

  4. ok peons…if you don't have enough money to buy a house…you are not as free as everone else….ha ha ha…

  5. lol not letting people grow recreationally so you can make more money huh? pieces of human shit
    only care about how much money they make but yet don't spend any of it to make the state better…

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