NIH/NIND Vaccine Injury Study Participant Interview (Dr. Danice Hertz)

NIH/NIND Vaccine Injury Study – Participant Interview (Dr. Danice Hertz) Study preprint: …


  1. These vaxxed people believed all the Covid propaganda from the NIH. She’s a doctor but she’s very naive believing and trusting big pharma. Good luck. She would have been better off just getting Covid. She’s going to get Covid anyways. Lol

  2. I am so sorry DR Hertz, I hope it is OK for me to pray for you and the others. I do think the Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments sounds like an excellent idea. DR Amen told us of a case where a man was completely blinded by a direct lighting strike, and he recovered after a lengthy series of Hyperbaric treatments. I sincerely wish you the very best.

  3. QQQQ does the covid vaccine mess with ace2 respectors in brain. I have noticed 2 males in family with personality change after vaccine. Out of 9 men and women who took vaccine.

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  5. Damn. Vaccine injury is not rare but endemic. She has an acute injury. Easy to correlate vaccine with outcome. I can’t count the people who I know who got vaccinated had strokes blood clots and heart issues that never had them before but not within the week of vaccination. Let’s be real vaccine injury is not just something that happens within the days of a vaccine it can even occur a year later like my girlfriend with blood clots in her legs and she’s never had a blood clot in her life within six months of her double VAX

  6. Wait until the prion based diseases start popping up. Several 'vaccinated' members in my community have been diagnosed with ALS. Also seeing too many stage 4 stomach cancers.

  7. I knew they were bad from the start and feel terrible for those who bought into the lies saying these shots were safe. My 2nd eldest was coerced into it by his gf and I count my lucky stars he had no side effects as of yet although he did get covid several weeks after his 2nd dose. I lost my friend after his 2nd dose and several other friends have been injured by it. I've suffered from poly peripheral Neuropathy for nearly a decade now, complex regional pain syndrome among a few other conditions that I feel would be more debilitating with that poison and I'm so glad I followed my gut and didn't get the shot.

  8. My mother got the first Pfizer shot and woke up two days later and couldn’t mover her arm. She said it was like when you sleep on it wrong and it just feels “dead” except it never started to tingle and come back. Weeks went by…the doctors had no answers. She couldn’t work and had no one to sue. Feeling came back eventually, but it’s still not 100%. I told her not to take it. She listens to me now.

  9. My 43 year old sister in law had a heart attack and they found 4 pulmonary embolisms when she was rushed to the emergency room…booster shot given 17 days prior to the event. She has no history of problems before then.

  10. I have been a nurse for 33 years. I think one of the take aways from this Drs experience is that medicine, her colleagues, could not help her. 17 months later 33 doctors could not help her.
    This speaks volumes about medicine.
    This speaks volumes about Preventative care.

  11. This Looooong Covid is very interesting ,I have a large circle of contacts in the unvaccinated community and what is stricking is that I have yet to come across any who have had "Covid" getting this mythical long covid condition , it seems to be condition of the vaccinated only

  12. Mandating these things was the problem. If someone has a choice and doesn't inform themselves that's on them. Forcing someone and then not supporting them when it goes wrong ks criminal and inhumane.

  13. 90% of physicians aren’t connecting the dots they’ve essentially become big pharma shills and aren’t acknowledging 💉injuries or deaths, VAERS Is the tip of iceberg

  14. As a GP x 15 yrs I’ll be frank nothing safe or effective about it and it’s killing and injuring millions , fact that it’s still on the market just shows the level of corruption in our gov health agencies

  15. If these companies use public money- this should be paid back and a provision for those injured accessing care they need. The bottom line they ignored research on existing therapuetics or creating new- instead allowed deaths to accrue as they focused on vaccines- now we see money before people as big pharma made huge profits.

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