1. If you can’t figure it out, his plan to legalize marijuana will create a huge revenue stream for the state so he’ll look like the hero

  2. Legalise ALL drugs. This would have the following benefits:
    It would provide a good source of income for any country.
    It would stop turning revolting criminals into billionaires.
    It would stop the violence of gang wars.
    It would reduce crime massively since the lower price and easier access would mean people didn’t have to steal to get money for drugs.
    It would stop the ongoing massive corruption of our police forces.
    It would give the police time to concentrate on REAL crime.
    It would massively reduce the prison population.
    It would mean that drug users would know EXACTLY what they’re getting, and thus reduce deaths by overdose and harmful dilutions.
    It would give legal employment to many who are currently classed as criminals.
    It would give the unemployed and the merely bored a high that would alleviate their problems for a while.
    It would mean we could all stop this stupid and pointless pretence of the “War on Drugs” – a war that was lost totally fifty years ago.

    PS I don’t use drugs, and never have.

  3. I'm glad it's better than drinking you know how many family's and family members would still be alive if weed was legal and not beer, not to forget to mention it helps with ADD ADHD when all you want to do is relax and so chores around the house like laundry,

  4. I don't support it , because of the NEGATIVE IMPACT it can have on someone life.
    It's similar to cigarettes , lung cancer , COPD , EMPHYSEMA , and other type of health problems come with it.

  5. I cant tell you how disappointed I am. Now i have to smell this garbage all the blanking time.😫😫😫☹☹☹🤬🤬🤬🙊🙊🙊

  6. Weed, pot, reefer, grass, little joe, MJ, or whatever you want to call the evil weed is a gateway to the harder stuff like goofballs, airplane glue and the BIg H. Good clean kids from Kingsbridge will start parting their hair in the middle, wearing denim clothes, listening to bizarre music like the Grateful Dead and drink wine with a straw. The putrid smell will be everywhere and damage the lungs and brains of our youth. Bongo drumming and beat poetry will be heard throughout Greenwich Village. This must be stopped.

  7. Cuomo has nothing to do with this, HE held it up for years while running on that promice. All cuomo wants is a smoke screen, time to go cuomo.

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