Police Seize Over 350 Pounds of Marijuana at Providence House Following Fire

Saturday, June 18, 2022


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PHOTO: File/Latino Public Radio

Providence police said they encountered a marijuana grow operation in Providence — and seized over 350 pounds — after responding to a report of an electrical fire on Friday.

Rhode Island recently legalized recreational cannabis — allowing for possession of up to an ounce of cannabis and cultivation of up to three cannabis plants in a private residence for adults 21 and older. 

Various sources list different prices for a pound of marijuana. An average price of a pound of marijuana can run around $2000. 



About Incident 

At 4:30 PM on Friday afternoon, Providence police responded to a report of a fire at 143 Rutherglen Avenue, off of Reservoir Avenue, near the Cranston line. 

According to police, the fire department said an electric wire from the residence to the pole caught fire, and that when they made entry into the residence to check the electric panel, marijuana plants were observed on multiple floors. 

Police said they obtained a search warrant, and found over 100 large mature marijuana plants, as well as over 50 seedling and budding plants. 

Detectives said that in the basement, they observed several rooms all connected by multiple different wires, and they found large plastic drums containing liquid.

In total, police seized over 350 pounds of marijuana. 

Providence police are currently investigating.



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